Getting to know the #Ergobaby360

photo 1 (7){ disclosure:  I received an Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier upon my request having used Ergo carriers with both my children and being huge fans of this brand. As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }

Baby wearing is a phenomenon that has been around forever. Mothers, both new and seasoned, are aware of the many benefits to baby wearing which include convenience, comfort, security and closeness of a parent with their child. Baby wearing has been proven to have endless advantages for a child’s growth and development.

With so many different types of baby carriers on the market, it can be overwhelming for any parent who wants to enjoy the benefits of baby wearing to find the right carrier for them. As a baby wearer myself, I can attest to the sheer volume of options you will have in choosing what carriers work best for you and your baby.

Both newborns and older babies enjoy feeling close and secure with their parents. More and more parents everywhere are discovering that baby wearing is a fantastic means to achieve a continuous sense of security for their babies, and enjoy feeling the bond that baby wearing can give them with their child. It also hard not to mention the convenience and ease of baby wearing.

I have always been an avid baby wearer. I have used slings, mei tai’s, wraps, and modified versions in between, but after all is said and done, I have found that the best carrier for me and my children long term has always been my Ergobaby brand soft structured carrier.

I have always been a fan of my Ergobaby carrier, taking it everywhere with me. It has been easy to use, and is extremely comfortable for my children to sit in. Not to mention that I can wear my child all day without any strain on my back. Since my first child was born, back in 2010, I ‘wore’ him everywhere in my classic Ergobaby carrier, and enjoyed every moment of it. I was able to breast feed him, run errands, and even do my household chores while he sat contently in his Ergo. I think it’s safe to say both of my children and I enjoy all that baby wearing has to offer us. Back when I first began to wear my babies, I would always recommend the Ergobaby carrier to all of my friends. There was ONLY one negative aspect I have ever thought about my original Ergobaby carrier. The single downside in my mind was that I always wanted to have the option to have my baby facing outward. (Yes I know the idea of your baby facing forward in a carrier is a bit controversial to some, but having my child strain his neck in attempt to see what’s in front of him never really sat well with me either).

Enter the Ergobaby (6)

This new and improved Ergobaby brand carrier has everything you’d hope for in a soft structured carrier with the added benefit of a front facing option. It is the best thing to be introduced to a baby wearer like myself, who is looking for a comfortable carrier that does it all.
The Ergo 360 is appropriately named, as in essence, you can wear your baby several ways: facing forward, on either hip, on your back, or facing outward. Whichever position you choose, the Ergobaby 360 is designed to keep your little one comfortable and in an ergonomic position, as even the original carrier was designed. In fact, when I have my baby facing forward, he is still sitting as comfortably and he is while facing (5)

The Ergobaby four position 360 has an extremely well structured lower belt that closes with an industrial strength type of Velcro AND a clip, that holds your carrier securely around your waist. All of the straps are adjustable to fit any body type so you’ll never have to worry if your carrier is going to fit you properly. The carrier still has the tuck away hood that can go gently over your baby’s head while he’s resting or if you have to nurse your baby and want some privacy. The button adjusters are discretely placed and simple to use when having to readjust if changing your child’s position in the carrier (for instance from a front carry to a back carrying position). The shoulder straps are comfortable and padded – a feature that both my shoulders and my teething child appreciate.

Overall the Ergobaby 360 is easy to use and tune to your liking. I am thrilled to finally have a carrier that, I think, every baby wearing parent will love. Your baby will be comfortable and safe, and you will be happy knowing your child is sitting happily and securely in his baby carrier.  I know that Ergobaby brand has products that are sustainable, durable, and reliable and I intend on using this carrier for as long as my little man can fit into it (which was about three and a half years with my first child) so I know it will be put to good use!

Happy baby
Happy baby