Getting to Know @BLUEMANGROUP

blueman3It’s always important to show your children how special they are. I often feel that having some one on one time with each child individually can be beneficial in making your kids feel secure, and loved. My older son loves having one on one time with his parents and we try hard to make that precious time with him extra special. Last month, my family was invited to check out Blue Man Group in the city. Initially, my son was more excited then all of us at having an opportunity to not only go to his favorite place in the world (Manhattan) but to have a special date day with his parents at what was going to be a really fun show. For the days prior, the only thing he could talk about was what he will potentially see at “HIS Blue Man show.”

The morning of “date day” our little boy ran into our room excited for his trip into the city. I was thrilled for him and hoped that the day would be everything he anticipated. I’ll admit, I was a bit worried because he had never been to a Broadway show and I wasn’t sure how he would react when we were actually sitting in the audience.

Upon getting to the theatre, his excitement was building. He was giddy and enthusiastic to see the big sign outside of the venue with the blue man staring back at him. “That’s our blue man, mom!” He kept shouting. His enthusiasm transferred over to other people outside of the theatre who engaged with my son and got him even more hyped. He was so excited to get into his seat and was all geared up for the performance.
My son is not the tallest preschooler, and while he appeared comfortable sitting in his seat, was approached by the usher and asked if he would like a booster seat – which he happily accepted. I didn’t even know that booster seats were offered at Broadway shows! I was thankful that they even suggested this as I wouldn’t have even thought to ask (and he probably would have ended up on my lap once the show began). The lights dimmed and so began the experience of a lifetime.

I had been wondering if the darkness of the theatre coupled with our excellent up close and personal seats would frighten my son, but to my surprise, he was amazed. Oddly enough, it was the loudness of it all that caught him off guard. At one point, the noise level frighted him and he asked me to step out with him. While I tried to soothe him quietly in our seats, I knew to diffuse the situation, it was probably best to take him into the hallway. We went out to the lobby where my little man told me it was too loud in there and he didn’t want to go back in. I was almost heartbroken. I was thinking that all of this built up anticipation, and my son’s first off-broadway experience was going to end up being an unsuccessful event and I was about to throw in the towel. Then out of nowhere, an usher different from the previous one who I had met came up to my son and said “well hello, little man – are you enjoying the show?” My son, let the man know he was having fun but that it got too loud and he was a little frightened. “No worries, my friend.” The usher then quickly took my son by the hand and gave him a pair of headphones saying “well you can wear these and that way you won’t have to miss the best part!” My son then allowed his new friend to put the headphones over his ears and together, we all went back to see the end of the show.
blueman1I share this story because I am thankful for what the show has given my family. Not only did we have the chance to experience a fun filled, action-packed, vibrant, and entertaining show (I could list so many more adjectives that describe the experience but that wouldn’t event do it just), but the employees involved in the production made the day THAT much more memorable. I’m grateful to all of the ushers and staff that were working that day, because they turned a potentially negative experience for my son into one that he will be talking about for a very long time. Even yesterday at dinner he was telling his grandparents about how much fun he had a month ago when we went to see his first off broadway show. Not to mention his occasional “let’s pretend we are the Blue Man Group” where we have to do everything in silence while acting silly.

I could write all about what you would see if you were to go check out Blue Man Group for yourself, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, as it is indescribable and my words wouldn’t compare to the experience itself. But I will tell you this – the cast, the crew, the atmosphere and of course, the show itself are all not to be missed. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my little man, who will not only tell you the same thing, but ask if you could buy a ticket for him to join you when you go.

{ disclosure:  I received complimentary tickets for my family and I.  No other compensation was received.  I just enjoy a really good show! }