Galaxy Gifts from Samsung #VZWBuzz

So maybe I missed the memo on this one, but did you know your Samsung device may come loaded with a whole lotta gifts?   It certainly provided a few nice surprises when I just happened upon a few accidentally like an entire year of Evernote Premium on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3!  Eeeek!  You know how much I adore Evernote, obsessed even. It was such a nice perk even if I didn’t love my Samsung device.

It was only in conversation that I learned many of the Samsung phones come with it’s own suite of gifts dubbed Galaxy Gifts!

note 3Here are some of our top favorites for the Samsung Note 3:

  • Evernote – get 12 months of “Evernote Premium” in addition to the unlimited monthly upload for syncing S Notes with Evernote, a $45 value.  It’s the perfect companion to the Note 3.
  • Dropbox comes pre-installed and you get a whopping 2 years and 50 GB of cloud storage ($100 value).
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s A-Z is a free download ($20 value) on GALAXY Note 3.   I love this app especially to help my little Miss with her homework.  It’s a great companion as she learns to read and pronounce new words.
  • EasilyDo Pro for Phablet is one of my favorite apps for cleaning my inbox and managing my time and it’s free! ($5 value).  It works like a dream with GALAXY Note 3’s Multi-Window and AirView features.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II exclusively for Galaxy Note 3 allowing you to use the intuitive S Pen, playing the game like you never could before.  I admit this is a favorite because my son clocks countless hours playing this game.  You get $10 free in-game currency.

For the full list of gifts, please visit:

S5Here are our favorites for the Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • PayPal – This is like free money, when you pay with PayPal mobile you can get up to $50 off! UPDATE: Due to some security issues, Verizon Wireless has disabled the fingerprint authentication method and with it, it’s partnership with Paypal for this gift.
  • Evernote – get 3 months of “Evernote Premium” a $15 value, not as much as the Note 3, but still something!
  • EasilyDo Pro for 6-month trial subscription ($30 value)
  • Dropbox – You get a whopping 2 years and 50 GB of cloud storage ($100 value).
  • RunKeeper Elite – 1 year premium service, a $20 value turns your phone into a personal trainer.  This is perfect for me as getting fit is a huge goal for me this year #Fit2BMe

For the full list of gifts, please visit:

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I receive no compensation for my post, no discount on my service, I pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s MORE to love!  }