#FYF: Maternity Chic


Maternity Chic

H&M Maternity Mama Top / Seraphine Maternity, $84 / Short Sleeve Knot Front Dress Lavender by Seraphine Maternity / H&M Maternity Jeans, $38 / Bravado Seamless Silk Nursing Bra / Melissa Trippy Bow shoes / Henri Bendel Milliner Mini handbag

Finding Yourself Friday #FYF is all about YOU!  When I was pregnant with A and M, I was a frump.  I can admit it.  I was on bed rest and the effort was really more work than I could muster, especially for no one but myself to reap.  In hindsight now I realize, it can do a lot for self esteem too.  This pregnancy, I was determined to ditch the bleh of pregnancy blow up and really embrace the beauty of the belly.  With all these amazing options these days, it’s easy peasy to look good and FEEL good!

A staple in my maternity wardrobe has always been H&M.  They have great basics at really affordable prices.  I still cringe at my $280 maternity jeans from A… They make looking chic effortless.  I adore their Mama tops and their skinny jeans, well made me feel… skinny.

My new favorite and favorite of my many pregger friends, who either love me for turning them onto this brand or hate me because their wallet is depleting fast, is Seraphine Maternity.  From across the pond, this brand has gorgeous clothing for belly.  I wore the  short sleeve lavender knot dress for L’s sprinkle.  It was gorgeous and so flattering.

Tying it all together, in the end months, heels are pretty much, NOT an option.  For myself, they weren’t an option from the moment I was put on bed rest, but how cute are these rubber flats from Melissa?!  They will also carry me through those rainy days with a cheer post pregnancy too!

Pulling off a clean look, well… requires some assistance sometimes.  I love my Bravado Designs Seamless Silk Nursing Bras.  They just nicely hold my ladies in and give me that clean look.

IPHONECASEAccessories are a girl’s best friend and I am obsessed with Henri Bendel’s handbag line this season.  Taking a cue from the crossbody trend, we’re loving the Milliner mini bag to match with a casual chic outfit from H&M or a night out with Seraphine Maternity!

But what’s INSIDE that bag?  For this social media mom, that means my iPhone 5.  I will forget everything else, but never my phone.  With my kids never far from my thoughts, I just love seeing their mugs on anything and everything.  This mother’s day I’m hoping for a customized iPhone 5 case from Shutterfly (which BTW is 20% OFF right now!!).