FiOS TV to Go

fios_dvrIt certainly pays to be a FiOS customer. Have you heard the latest and greatest news about the FiOS Mobile app? Starting last month, FiOS Quantum customers can watch (nearly all) their recorded shows while on the go! This is a total game changer for me! I obsessively DVR all my favorite shows. I never get to watch them when they air whether it’s because I’m putting the kids to sleep, or at my school. It’s quite sad when my DVR announces to me that it is almost at capacity because I’m so behind on catching up.  This has all changed thanks to a recent upgrade to the FiOS mobile app, so make sure to upgrade your app if you haven’t done it already.

Yes, you can watch (nearly all) your DVR shows while you’re waiting to pick up your kids at school, or waiting for your kids to finish soccer practice, even watching while you’re standing in line at the DMV. In a few weeks I’ll be sitting in an airport for 3 hours waiting to board my flight and that’s just wasted time if I’m sitting around. I’m all about making the most of my time, catching up on all my favorite shows or even binge watching my new favorite recorded series is just amazing!

Let’s recap some of the amazing features of the FiOS Mobile app:

  1. fios_recordUse your phone, iPad, tablet or any mobile device as a FiOS TV remote. It’s really quite fun when the kids want to watch one channel and you want to watch another.  They can’t seem to understand how the channel keeps on changing back to HGTV.  I won’t tell if you won’t tell!
  2. Set up parental controls from any mobile device.
  3.  Manage your DVR recordings on the road from anywhere.  That means no more kicking yourself when you forgot to set your DVR before leaving the house for the latest Real Housewives or The Bachelor.  Just login to your FiOS Mobile app and just click RECORD!
  4. Watch LIVE TV and thousands of On-Demand titles on the go!
  5. Stream every subscribed channel, purchased movies and DVR recording while at home on any mobile device meaning when your children are monopolizing the TV ( or you can hide in the closet and watch Real Housewives in peace!)

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{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador and #LifeOnFiOS Ambassador.  I have been a long time FiOS customer, since the very first day it came into my neighborhood 6-7 years ago and have never turned back!  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! #LifeOnFiOS #Minute50