Spoiler Free Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

starwarsRating: PG-13
Running time: 2 hour, 16 minutes
Moviegoers: Mom, 37; Dad, 38; Ava, 8; Marcus, 6
Family movie faves: Descendents, Incredibles, Transylvania 2, Madagascar, Big Hero 6
Fave movies for grown-ups: Love Actually, Cocktails and all Star Wars Movies

What’s the story: Oh there will be no spoilers from this review!!!

What parents may like about this movie: We loved getting reacquainted with some of our old friends and seeing where they are “now”.

bb-8What kids will like: We love BB-8!  He’s so cute and loyal! We love how he just follows Rey and wants to complete his mission. We also loved all the cool ships and gadgets! Oh and Chewie! He’s so cute!

Concerns: There really wasn’t anything to be concerned about.  Everything from the violence to romance was done appropriately and more eluded to events than showing it.

Bottom Line: This movie had just the right touch of action, laughter and romance, making it appeal to everyone and spawning a whole new generation of Star Wars fans.  As my 6 year old mentioned, it was one of his top 3 movie picks. Definitely see it in 3-D! It’s worth the extra dollars.  I loved seeing my kids trying to reach out to touch the ship once they realized it wasn’t going to hit them.

Positive themes: Seriously loving what Disney has been doing lately with strong female lead characters.  With a daughter in our family, we love her seeing that she too can be a force to be reckoned with. We also noted and loved the diversity of the cast with a lead character being a person of color. The kids could learn a lot from BB-8 and his loyalty to family and friends. There is a lot of good in this movie, from showing self-sacrifice to help another and choosing to do the right thing, importance of family, and telling the truth, and of course choosing NOT to go to the dark side. 4/5

Violence/scare factor: Lots of fighting scenes but little to no blood or gore.  One scene did allude to blood shed but again, not scary at all.  As my 6 year old said, it was like a big video game fight.  Some bad guys being eaten by multi-tentacled beasts was a bit scary for my 8 year old daughter. 3/5

Sex/Romance: A little flirting, some hints of romance, but nothing overtly obvious that my children didn’t even notice. The most risque scene is an alien lounging seductively in a bigger aliens arms.  1/5

Bad language: Very minimal, if you count “damn” and “hell” and could catch it. 0/5

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