Educational Gaming With LeapFrog

leap tvI’ve been reluctant to introduce gaming systems to my kids for the longest time.  Sure they can navigate my smart phone better than me at this point, and even my three-year-old knows how to swipe into whatever app he is interested in playing, but my husband and I really try to limit TV time with our children and video gaming through the TV seemed to be a mind-numbing activity that I was hoping to keep far away from our household.

When my five-year-old heard (through the ‘kindergarten grape vine’) about something called #LeapTV, it was all he could talk about. “Can I have it, PLEEEAAASE?” seemed to be synonymous with the LeapTV, so much so that I decided to do some research for the holidays.  I am a big fan of other LeapFrog products as I have always found them to be completely age-appropriate, fun, and (unbeknownst to my children) very educational.  As a matter of fact, I think that many of the computer and electronic navigational skills that my children have acquired are due to some wonderful LeapFrog products such as the Leap Pad and Leap Reader.

As part of the #LeapFrogMomSquad, MomConfessionals is able to have the opportunity to review certain products.  Lucky for my family, the LeapTV gaming system was provided to us for review.  As the parent who has been opposed to video gaming systems in our home for the last 5 years, I can say that unsurprisingly, LeapFrog has changed my tune.  The LeapTV is a fun, educational, traditional gaming, that keeps my boys active, engaged, and playing nicely together and has been loads of fun for everyone in our home.  I thoroughly enjoy watching my kids play on their LeapTV together and they are giddy with excitement when they see themselves next to some of their favorite characters on the TV screen.

When it comes to products reviews, I am normally the only one in our family who writes thoughts and recommendations, but this time around, I am handing the reigns over to my 5 ½ year old who is more than eager to share his opinions on his “favorite gift” for the holiday season.

Here is what he had to say.

“I heard about the LeapTV from my friend, in my class.  He told me he wanted me to come over for a play date so that we could play video games on his LeapTV.  I have played video games on my tablet but I didn’t know that I could play them on my TV too.  My Mommy and Daddy don’t let us watch too much TV unless it’s the weekend but I saw a commercial for LeapTV and I knew I wanted one so I kept asking my Mommy and Daddy.  Then, one day they gave one to me and my brother.  It is so much fun to play on my new LeapTV.  My favorite game is Blaze and the Monster Machines because I get to build race tracks and drive Blaze on the tracks that I build.  I especially like to play and race with my little brother because he really jumps the ramps that we built and then his car jumps on the TV.”

From a parent’s perspective, the LeapTV has many different games to play but they all have the same idea in mind.  My kids are excited to get up and get moving with their favorite characters, from Blaze and The Letter Factory Frogs to Elsa & Anna.   I love seeing how their little minds are working to read, process and problem solve with each game they play.  I think is safe to say that our family has settled on a gaming-system that satisfied everyone’s requirements.

Along with our LeapTV, we received four games for our children to play.  The boys couldn’t wait to play each one and even I was curious to see what they all had to offer.  Here’s what we all thought:


Arendelle’s Winter Festival – The game is designed to teach counting, addition, subtraction, place value, 2D and 3D shape recognition and number sequencing and seems to meet those goals.  My three-year-old enjoys skating Elsa through the number sequences allowing his hand to twist and wave through every motions of her skates and my five-year-old love tossing snowballs at Olaf.   Both of my children are counting, number sequencing and becoming engrossed in the enchantment and excitement that this game provides.  Players can choose from 5 game options within the game itself which allows them to have something new to accomplish each time. I also noticed that they are able to sign into the game based on their personal profiles (set up directly on the LeapTV) which ensures that the games they play are age and skill-level appropriate to each of the kids.

Mr. Pencil Presents DoodleCraft – DoodleCraft gives players the opportunity to design and customize their own worlds while developing skills in sorting, memorizing observing and matching.  Appropriate for children ages 4-7, my three-year-old found this game to be a bit challenging but my five-year-old couldn’t get enough.  He really enjoyed completing tasks that unlocked new areas for him to explore.  He also had a lot of fun designing everything on his island from the patterns to the windows and doors.  I enjoyed watching him navigate through maintaining his island by “destroying recycled items” and scrubbing his buildings to keep them clean.

Blaze and the Monster Machines – As mentioned above, the game allows children to become engineers as they collect ramps, build tracks, and use their controllers to steer their trucks around the courses that they create.  This game teaches kids STEM skills, Technology and engineering through number recognition, problem solving and physical spaces.

Letter Factory Adventures – Imagine being able to jump right in and become part of the game.  That is what my kids loved most about this game.  The boys have a blast twisting and bending their bodies into certain shapes, catch letters on the letter train, completing words and painting letters with their arms.  They especially love popping bubbles as they see themselves jumping and shaking live on the TV.

The #LeapTV has certainly changed my tune about video gaming in our home.  With it’s very reasonable price point of $59.99, its educational foundations, and the ability to keep my kids in constant motion through each game, I can understand why the LeapTV has been getting such high reviews.  If you (like me) are looking for a gaming system that will keep your young children entertained through educational play, then this is a great option for your family.  It is also a perfect gift idea for your preschool and elementary school aged children this holiday season.@LeapFrogOfficial #LeapTV #LeapFrogMomSquad

{ disclosure: I received a LeapTV Gaming system for review.  No other compensation was exchanged for my honest review.  Being part of the #LeapFrogMomSquad and as avid LeapFrog consumers, we were thrilled to partake in this opportunity. As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }