Doctor Doctor! #OTCSafety

You’d be surprise to know, despite being a nurse, I am always questioning when I should or need to call a doctor.  Sometimes I think that question is a LOT harder for me because I am a nurse.  I teeter on the line of being either too caution or too nonchalant about my children’s health.  My husband tends to get mad at me because of my “inconsistency” but let’s face it, when it comes to our children, we are always worried.

When I encounter new families, even if they have a pediatrician selected, I always ask them to interview them a little more.  You can google for a list of questions to ask your pediatrician but it always amazes me how much things like the availability of your doctor gets missed.  I personally have the BEST pediatricians ever.  Yes, no bias here (*wink wink).  I am spoiled.  Aside from being personal family friends that if I’m really neurotic enough I can show up in the middle of the night for a personal evaluation, I realized some of my so-called VIP services are for everyone!  One of the best things about my pediatricians, aside from their vast medical knowledge about children, is that any call during their non-office hours is picked up directly by them.  Yep, NOO ANSWERING SERVICE.  That is huge!  I don’t know about you but answering services really bother me.  It’s like my call is being vetted if it’s important enough to pass on.  One of Marcus’ allergist was like that and during a medical emergency which required intubation, the answering service told me they would LEAVE HIM A MESSAGE.  Yes, you can be pretty sure I quickly found us a new allergist.  My other favorite thing about this office is that they are open 6 days a week.  Hey if there is an office that is open 7 days a week, even better!  But I love that they are open 6 days a week and that I can just SHOW up without too much of a wait.  It’s like they know the precarious worrying nature of parents, after all they have 6 kids between them, when your child is sick, seeing a doctor can become top priority.  It never phases them if it’s not a big deal because they know at the moment, it was HUGE to us.  Some families focus too much on the doctor’s diplomas but I know all too well there are many doctors who know how to take a test but don’t know how to take care of a patient.

SOOOOO now you have a doctor, a pediatrician that you will be engaged to for many years to come.  I don’t know about you but knowing when to call your doctor or what warrants a visit is really hard to decipher.  Making the wrong decision isn’t something you want to do for your baby.  By baby, I mean any and all of your children as they will always be your babies.  Of course there are times you have questions but maybe it’s just a “dumb” question.  Yes, this nurse has those.  I’m lucky my pediatricians realize despite the fact that I am a nurse, I am first a mom in that moment.    Here are answers to the 4 most common q



{ disclosure:  I am a #OTCSafety Ambassador sharing a message that should be shared with everyone. }