Sleep Tight my Little Itty Bitty with Delta Children

simmons for delta children - adele cribOne of the rites of passage when you find out you’re having a baby is the design of the nursery.  One thing, in the overall frenzy of designing the perfect nursery for your new baby, that people often initially forget to consider is safety.  Many people will choose the look of a crib or trust that a higher price tag means that their baby is sleeping in a safe crib.  [pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]Not all cribs are created equal…[/pullquote]

I admit I was one of those who neglected to consider overall crib safety when choosing a crib for the Little Miss.  I remember being so focused on her French Roses themed nursery, all I really wanted was an off white crib with roses to match her baby pink room.  When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was more interested in a modern aesthetic and went with a very expensive, thousand dollar, modern crib, thinking safety was a part of the price.

I may be in the minority, but a crib was a crib to me until I toured the Delta Children’s Safety Lab.  Now I want to shout from the roof top to anyone who listens, they should ONLY buy cribs manufactured by Delta Children.  A family owned business for many generations, this is a company that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of their cribs.  When drop side cribs were gaining in popularity, Delta Children was raising their concerns and were the first to discontinue production of the now banned cribs.  Their family has such an invested interest in the safety of their products and products in general on the market, they are intimately involved with the standards set by the federal government.  From their own products, not only do the conform to JPMA and federal safety standards, they aim to exceed them.

climbIn their safety lab, they are testing everything, including things you don’t even think about.  For instance, your other children constantly climbing on the crib to get to baby, technically known as “side rail impact”.  I didn’t even think of that, but as you can see… when I paid attention, guess what Little Miss A is always doing?  Climbing over the crib to get to baby, or according to her, “helping mommy with the baby”.  Every time I see her in the nursery, that’s what she’s doing.  Federal standards require a crib to pass 250 impacts at 30lbs.  Delta standards require their cribs to exceed those requirements at 1,000 impacts at 30lbs.

They test everything from how strong their crib slats are (100+lbs), to how much shaking and abuse your crib can take (72,000x) to how much impact your mattress can support (3,000 impacts at 45lbs).  Check out my YouTube channel for all my Delta Children Safety Lab videos and see for yourself how they go above and beyond to ensure your baby’s safety:

As you know we’re huge Disney fans and I was pleased to learn that Delta Children holds the exclusive licensing rights for Disney cribs and toddler beds.  That’s huge!  When a brand like Disney only trusts you to make products bearing their name, you know it’s the best!  A little birdie also told me that they make many of the fancier cribs under private label.  I sleep so much better at night knowing my newborn son is sleeping in the safest crib out there, and I didn’t have to skimp on design.  Isn’t the Adele crib gorg?!


The generous people at Delta Children is giving (1) lucky Mom Confessional’s reader their choice of crib from their gorgeous and super safe Delta Children line valued up to $499.99!  AMAZING!
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