Cutting the Cord for Good with Dyson #cutthecord


Last week I attended a press preview of the new  DC59DC65 and the new generation of Air Multipliers.  As always Dyson never disappoints.  I have been a longtime Dyson consumer.  In fact, the people at Dyson had a kick when I told them I was still using both the DC14 Animal and the DC07, first generation Dysons.  Yep, they are still alive and kicking.  While I have been wanting an upgrade FOREVER, I my husband, couldn’t justify the purchase since they still were in excellent shape.  Even with a handle that is broken, my DC14 Animal still vacuums like a dream.  I’m not sure how I even managed to convince my husband of my purchase of the DC35 we acquired a couple years ago.  With 4 kids, one a messy eating infant and another a messing eating toddler, It’s definitely become a tool we can’t live without in our home.  It’s almost replaced our Dyson upright… but I say almost because when it’s a complete home clean up, I whip out my Dyson upright for its stronger suction and no need for battery replacement.


Now with the latest Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 vacuum, it sucks up as much dust as a conventional vacuum, without the hassle of a cord!  With 26 minutes of fade-free cleaning performance, DC59 is light and easy to maneuver between high, low and hard to reach spaces. No more fiddling with plugs or tripping over cords. Simply remove from the docking station and go.  my DC35 only goes at most about 10 minutes before need a recharge.  Thanks to the complete redesign, the V6 motor is faster and stronger than its predecessor with a higher power density, drawing more power from it’s battery source; giving DC59 three times more suction power than any other cordless vacuum.  What I love most is the attention to details.  Clean is definitely when every tiny particle is picked up and no one does it better than Dyson. Their newly configured motorhead uses 15 cyclones to capture the finest of dust.  In combination with carbon anti-static bristles, it reduces the build-up of static charge and capturing super fine dust on hard floors.

The Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 vacuum retails for $499 and currently, at, they are running a limited time offer.  Get a FREE multi-tasking tool kit which includes a multi-angle brush, articulating hard floor tool and a handy tool bag worth $115.


With the Chan’s looking for a new home, I may just slip in with the new DC65 Upright.  New home, new vacuum — that totally makes sense, right? I have been obsessed with the ball, a simple and intuitive design feature, but WOW, what a difference it makes.  Again, did not know it first hand due to my alive and kicking DC07 and DC14.  They even make simple changes like the self-adjusting cleaner head, in my older models, you had to flip a switch.  Not a big deal to me, but these changes do make such a nice touch for my poor back.  As if they really needed to, they continue to improve on their suction power, boasting twice the suction power of any other vacuum, up to 180 air watts of suction power, removing dirt, dust and allergens from the home.  Let me tell you, recently I cleaned out our old car, for return on our lease.  My DC07 sucked up ever little tiny particle that embedded itself into the woven lining of the car interior and truck.  I dragged my husband out to see our “brand-new” car.  It was ridiculous!  I can’t even imagine what the DC65 would have found more.


One new tool that I am loving is the Tangle-free Turbine – a counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair and dirt from upholstery.  My DC07 and DC14, like all tools, required some maintenance, from cleaning it’s filters, occasional sanitizing of the brushes and nozzles, and of course the bane of my husband’s existence, all my hair that gets tangled in the brushes.  The name says it all, Tangle-free my friend!

The DC65 Upright comes in 3 models — multi-floor $499, Animal $599 and Animal Complete $649 — and is now available exclusively at Best Buy stores nationwide and until March 2nd will be available at and major retailers nationwide following.

{ disclosure :  I attended a press preview for the launch of their latest designs.  I received no compensation, gift bag or product for my post.  }