Curing the Spring Break Fever by Going HOME #FandangoFamily

home_the_MovieSo our family didn’t have any glamorous travel plans this spring break.  Instead it was filled with supplementary workbooks and sprinkled in with a few playdates.  Not that the weather helped at all either, spring seems to not have received notice that it is indeed SPRING.  Ever eager to make the most of things, and provide some memorable playdates without pulling a Martha Stewart, I let my daughter pick a few close friends for a movie date.

If you haven’t seen the movie HOME yet, you must.  It’s a heartwarmingly sweet movie about the meaning of friendship and family.  It had the theater fully engaged, rejoicing, clapping and even dancing in the aisles. Or perhaps it was only my theater, but I have a feeling it wasn’t exclusive. Music by Rihanna can do that to you.  Also it finally solved the great mysterious song from my SoulCycle class that I was obsessed over but never heard before – from the HOME soundtrack, Towards the Sun, by none other than Rihanna. All of the kids adored the movie.  One mom texted that her daughter was smiling ear to ear after her playdate. Don’t be surprised if your child starts to speak a little broken English at home, she/he might just be channeling Oh the Boov.

“You will appreciate the viewing of the trailer, that is most official.”

Purchase your tickets at  The official movie site with loads of fun activities is “You’re welcome.”

{ disclosure:  I am a Fandango Family Ambassador. An avid movie goer, all tickets purchased to see this movie was self-purchased. As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }