Circus Circus at the New York Hall of Science

Today the toddler and I had the pleasure of checking out the amazing Circus exhibit at the New York Hall of Science. The toddler had gone to the Big Apple Circus recently and was in love with all things circus.  She is constantly performing all sorts of gymnastic/acrobatic feats around the house to anyone who watch.  Watching her at the exhibit was my fun.  The wonder and amazement in her eyes as we traveled through the exhibit and read her all the science behind the tricks, hijinks and acrobatics of the circus were priceless.  She was full of excitement and questions.

The exhibit, in the central corridor of course, covered everything from learning the circus lingo — ballyhoo! — to checking out your balance on the balance bar.  They even had two hands on events, the high wire – where you got to walk like a tightrope walker, all while securely harnessed and the Elastic Acrobatics — flying through the air with ease!

The most popular exhibit and favorite by far had to be the Costume Area.  The line was wrapped around the exhibit as kids lined up for a chance to transform into their favorite circus performers.  My very own performer dressed herself up in a tutu and fluttered across the stage as the strongest man and tigers danced around her.

This exhibit is only open for a limited time, from June 11th through September 4th, free with your paid admission to the New York Hall of Science. So step right up and become a part of the bizarre, the unique and wondrously strange world of the circus!

[quote]This museum is quickly become a family favorite![/quote]   As a child I had fond memories at the New York Hall of Science and while one might assume after all these years it’s lost its luster, it’s BETTER than ever!