Chic Moms, Welcome to New York’s Séraphine Maternity!

IMG_3724At 20 weeks I had the pleasure of being invited to the Grand Opening of Séraphine at their newest location. Welcome to New York Séraphine!

As a first time mom-to-be, I gave no thought really to what I would do for maternity clothing. My whole life I’ve been told “you’re so skinny” and for the majority of the pregnancy “you’re so small”, but I grew to know this thing called comfort in the short stint of being pregnant. I always wore my clothes very tailored prior to pregnancy so the time between me switching from those pants and jeans to maternity was way shorter than I ever expected. What do I do now?? My good friend Suzanne Chan and Séraphine to the rescue!

IMG_3723During the Grand Opening of Séraphine New York I was able to speak with Cecile Reinaud the designer and owner of the brand, is mom to two boys herself, and knows that comfort and durability are just as important as style when it comes to building your new maternity wardrobe. We chatted about the worry of spending money on clothing that is used what is considered by most a very short period of time. She took me hand in hand through a couple of pieces of the collection and reviewed with me the ever innovative design of her Nursing line. This was of extreme importance to me as if I am thinking of investing in maternity tops that run upward of $50 a pop, I’d rather have something that will carry me past the early postpartum days. Cecile was happy to explain why she designed such pieces in her collection such as the Black Asymmetric Sheer Flutter Sleeve Nursing Top (also available in other colors) for just that reason. This top is not only super cute and just my style the functionality of what I can do with it later after the arrival of baby sold me immediately!! Megan Hilty was a celebrity guest who has been a long time fan of Séraphine. She appeared in the Plum Lace Maternity Cocktail Dress, and looked ever so smashing!!

In the anticipation of The Royals’ visit, Cecile couldn’t wait to see if The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton would pull any pieces of her Séraphine collection out. What a pleasant seal of approval for the Séraphine line, “Royals on a budget” was coined after The Duchess of Cambridge chose the black Vanessa dress from Séraphine for an appearance!

IMG_3720Another favorite piece of the Séraphine line I loved was the shoes!! Cecile discussed how she worked hand in hand with Orthopedic doctors to produce a product that would correct posture, relieve back pain, and stimulate tired and aching legs. Cecile’s patented design I will surely be slipping my feet into as the sciatica has reared its ugly head! The heel design lesson was of special importance to me as I always thought the flatter the shoe the better, not so fast! Cecile’s signature 2cm height heel has been proven optimal for body posture. Love these!!

Séraphine’s New York Flagship is located at 464 West Broadway in the heart of SOHO.

{ disclosure:  I attended a press opening, no compensation was received for this post.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }