Celebrate Bird Migration Month at Birdathon with The Bronx Zoo! #NYisWild


What: Bronx Zoo Birdathon

When: Saturday, May 9 @ 7:00AM

Where: the Bronx River gate at Bronx Zoo

Buy tickets: http://bronxzoo.com/events/8


Do you ever wake up listening to the birds chirping and wonder ‘what type of bird might that be?’ I often find myself staring out my windows and admiring the brightly colored Blue Jays and Cardinals that visit my yard. What I never realized is that there is an entire month where migrating birds are celebrated. That’s right, the month of May is Bird Migration Month. In honor of Bird Migration month, the Bronx Zoo is hosting its second annual Birdathon which kicks off on May 9th!

You are officially invited to celebrate this wonderfully warm season and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Now that spring has sprung, what better way is there, than to experience all that the Bronx Zoo and Birdathon has to offer?

Kids will be able to join professional birders on nature walks, where they will learn to identify the Neotropical migrants in the sky and see how zookeepers work in order to protect birds all over the world. They will even have a chance to interact with some fascinating birds from some of the zoo’s exhibits. Here’s your chance to explore and try to identify as many birds as you can for an opportunity to win a pair of special binoculars and other fun prizes.IMG_3332

In addition to the Birdathon event, the Bronx Zoo is also celebrating Bird Migration Month every weekend from May 9th – May 24h. You will  see red-shouldered hawks, amazon parrots, and rose-breasted cockatoos as they soar overhead during The Birds in Flight show on the historic Astor Court. Stay after the show and you will have a chance to meet these majestic flyers up close and learn more about their training, habits, and unique personalities.Julie Larsen Maher_8395_Blue-bellied Roller_WOB_BZ_06 14 11

Lastly, feel free to take a minute and chat with the zookeepers at World of Birds or head over to the Dancing Crane Plaza where you’ll be able to make a birdfeeder to take home and use to keep track of the wildlife that you see in your own backyard.

Of course, bird migration month is also an opportunity to capture some more photos for #NYIsWild the contest where the grand prize winner can win a trip for two to Belize. To learn more, see our previous post on #NYisWild or visit NYisWild.com and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for these ways to be wild:

#29: Bee eater
#32: Owl
#35: Condor
#39: Flamingo
#42: Penguins
#45: Inca Tern
#48: Blue Turaco

More Details for Bird Migration month can be found at BronxZoo.com


DIY Birdfeeder Instructions

 Below are pictures and instructions that will take you through the steps to making your very own DIY birdfeeder:

1.       Start off with a milk or juice carton that has been rinsed out

2.       The front of the box will have a door shaped opening. The cut out part will be used for the eyes. (They are blacked out in the sample picture)

3.       The sides will have a hole in them to place a stick through so the bird has a place to land on. The wings will be cut out and folded up to give it a 3-D effect.

4.       The back is a square to cut out, but will have a small triangle on the bottom to fold out for the

3-D tail. The blackened part in the image is going to be used for his nose

5.       Color, paint, or glue colored paper on the carton

6.       Tape the eyes and nose on. Have a piece of string available to tie through the opening hole in the back so the birdfeeder can be hung from a tree

7.       Place bird seeds in the bottom for the birds to have a fun and tasty meal!



{ disclosure: I am honored to be a 2015 Wildlife Conservation Society Ambassador. This post is part of a sponsored campaign. I received membership for my participation, but any reviews and opinions are always my own. }