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Recoup and Rejuvenate with FiOS

First let me tell you that going back to school is NO JOKE.  Add working full-time, 3 kids and blogging and it’s a recipe for exhaustion. It doesn’t stop there though, going back to school also involves no breaks and going straight through which meant a summer intensive session for this gal. Intensive doesn’t even begin to describe what the past several weeks have been like.  As my family can attest to, there was no time for anything other than school, school and school.  It was rough for everyone in my family.  We all looked at my calendar, almost religiously,

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Finders Keepers? Not with Tile!

I forget things… ALL THE TIME.  For the last 10 years I’ve been blaming it on pregnancy brain, but as my husband recently pointed out, being over 3.5 years out from my last pregnancy, I don’t have much of a leg to stand on with that argument… BUMMER. I’m just facing reality, I’m getting OLD.  With that, I’m definitely forgetful. I misplace things all the time. Things like my keys, my sunglasses, my phone and uber important things like my son’s emergency med kit. Usually things aren’t that far away, but if my husband had a dollar for every time

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Get In Touch With Your Inner Spy with Canary

Yes Canary is an all in one security system.  It’s got all the bells and whistles you expect from a top notch security system like: hi resolution camera video and audio recording motion-detection 90+ decibel siren night vision …but it is so MUCH more than that! First of all, let’s just say it’s a thing of beauty while being totally discreet.  In fact for the first few weeks my family thought it was nothing more than an air freshener and paid it no mind. While I should have felt guilty for letting them believe that, it’s not a completely lie.

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The Future of TV is coming to Best Buy

A television is no longer just a television anymore. It became abundantly clear when we were searching for a TV for our new playroom. Everyone in the house had an opinion on what the TV needed to have, from screen size to pixels to how many HDMI ports as well as wi-fi!  With everyone’s list of wants, the pressure was overwhelming to make everyone happy while maintaining my budget. Luckily for my family I am also of the mindset that certain things are an investment, at the right price.  We invested in our first VIZIO SmartCast TV at that time,

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Look No More, The Best Gift for Mom this Mother’s Day is…

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and everyone’s a little stress getting a gift for the woman who does everything for you, the reason you’re living and breathing. Maybe it’s just me, mom of 3, but let me ask you this, does any of the following descriptions fit the mom in your life? Always on the go, shuffling you and your family here and there, grocery shopping, juggling her schedule, your schedule, doctors appointments and so much more Always has her cellphone with her and clutches it like it’s her lifeline Always loses her cellphone, sort of, probably because

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Better Matters, Switching to FiOS in a Snap!

Once you live in New York City, you become so spoiled by the fast paced, instant gratification of a city that never sleeps.  Only in New York City can you have food delivered to your home 24 hours a day – seriously after the kids are asleep I get cravings for greasy fast food I’d never let them eat, watch a movie at 2AM in the morning (my favorite thing to do when fighting with the hubby – let him wonder where I’ve gone!), have breakfast for dinner, or go clubbing until the sun comes up (not that I do

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My Big Fat Greek Experience – #PutSomeWindexOnIt

It’s not every day that you get to sit face to face with the lead actors of one of the most relatable movies for moms in 2016. Just last week, that is exactly what Mom Confessionals got to do. Thanks to the wonderful women of @TheMOMS , in conjunction with @Windex and @Instax Fuji Film, I was presented with an exclusive opportunity to preview the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 AND meet two of the loveliest actresses in Hollywood, Nia Vardalos and relative newcomer Elena Kampouris. This is a movie not to be missed this year! My Big Fat

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Precision Crafted Performance, Acura’s All New 2017 MDX #GNONYIAS16 #GNONYIASAcura

My husband and I are super excited for the New York International Auto Show this year. It’s been a yearly tradition for us to go and check out this amazing show that fills 4 floors of the Jacob Javits Convention Center with over 1,000 cars and trucks, my “compromise” of a date night, although I secretly love the show. My family is addicted to leasing cars. We own one car, but with young children, it’s always so nice to have a new car on the horizon every couple of years. Tell me you don’t feel the same, my kids are

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