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REVIEW: What about BOB (Revolution Duallie)!

So being a mom of 2 little ones (one of them a newborn) can certainly be overwhelming, to say the least. Between the bottles, meal preps, endless diapers and uncoordinated nap times, planning an exercise regimen for myself seemed close to impossible. I had all these great intentions… I will go the gym and take classes while the babies are in their childcare program at least 3 times a week I will use the treadmill or elliptical that I have in my basement while they nap(ha! Like they will ever nap at the same time) or I will get up

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Pampers Swaddlers Honors Nurses with #ThankYouNurses Awards

Nursing isn’t just any career, or a routine way to make a living. It’s a profession that takes a certain type of passionate and caring person. Nursing feels more like it is an art form that requires devotion, dedication and a strong sense of compassion. Being a nurse often means putting others before yourself and often being away from your family to care for someone else’s.  Most nurses can say that they have missed countless holidays and family moments over the years. Despite all this, we, as nurses, don’t go to work looking for recognition or praise. We go to work every day

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It’s a Merry Merry Baby’s First Christmas!

I can’t believe my Marcus is turning 6 years old in just a few days! It seems like just yesterday I was telling myself I wasn’t in labor because it was simply too early.  I even managed to sit and breath through breakfast with my daughter and husband before asking to be dropped off at the hospital just to be checked out.  I remember being so sure that they would just watch me for a few hours and then send me on home. At exactly 36 weeks he decided to make an earlier arrival and what an entrance he made!

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Aquaphor Introduces Diaper Rash Cream and More!

As a nurse, who washes her hands multiple times a day, I have tried many brands of many moisturizers in attempt to keep my hands from becoming cracked and dry. Time and time again, I find that one brand has proven to be the most reliable for helping me keep my hands smooth. That brand is Aquaphor. Having recently celebrated 90 years of success, there is little doubt that Aquaphor has proven to provide their customers with products that work. When I was informed that they are now catering to the littlest of consumers, I was more than willing to

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My UltraShape Story – Part 2: First Impressions

If you haven’t read Part I : Before I started my treatment I got a chance to sit down with Dr. Marina Peredo of Skinfluence where I am getting my treatments.  First of all, she’s gorgeous and if you’re going to take skincare advice from anyone, let it be someone you’d want to look like too. If you had to go by looks, I’d say we were in good hands but she’s got the creds to boot too.  In addition to being a board certified Dermatologist, she is also an Associate Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai training physicians on various skincare techniques

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Call Me Mom BUD (Baby Under Development)!

One of my dearest friends just found out she is pregnant for the very first time. I am so excited for her to embark on this journey to parenthood.  Just like any first time parent, she’s incredibly nervous and excited at the same time. She shared her news almost immediately, just shy of 5 weeks into it and I silently wished she hadn’t so soon as all the painful memories of my losses came rushing back to me. I know too much. I had to remind myself of the excitement I felt when Vin and I first found out we

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Chic Moms, Welcome to New York’s Séraphine Maternity!

At 20 weeks I had the pleasure of being invited to the Grand Opening of Séraphine at their newest location. Welcome to New York Séraphine! As a first time mom-to-be, I gave no thought really to what I would do for maternity clothing. My whole life I’ve been told “you’re so skinny” and for the majority of the pregnancy “you’re so small”, but I grew to know this thing called comfort in the short stint of being pregnant. I always wore my clothes very tailored prior to pregnancy so the time between me switching from those pants and jeans to

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REVIEW: Evenflo World Explorer Triple Fun Plus+ Exersaucer #ExerSaucerWorldExplorer

Looking for a great product to entertain your little one so you can finally find the time to cross some stuff off you “to do” list??  The Evenflo World Explorer Triple Fun Plus+ Exersaucer is just the thing to do it.  This activity center has more than 20 activities used to teach through play for more than 2 years.  It has a huge range of features that expose your child to visuals and languages from around the globe including English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.  The language pod has 12 scroll through scenes to be sure you child has a wide

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