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Call Me Mom BUD (Baby Under Development)!

One of my dearest friends just found out she is pregnant for the very first time. I am so excited for her to embark on this journey to parenthood.  Just like any first time parent, she’s incredibly nervous and excited at the same time. She shared her news almost immediately, just shy of 5 weeks into it and I silently wished she hadn’t so soon as all the painful memories of my losses came rushing back to me. I know too much. I had to remind myself of the excitement I felt when Vin and I first found out we

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Skinny Fat, it’s a Real Thing – Part I #UltraShape #UltraYou

At 5 feet 4 inches tall and 125 pounds many people would guess I’m skinny.  If hidden strategically well under clothing I’d agree but I’m introducing you to the idea of skinny fat. You can be skinny and you can be fat too. At the tender age of 27, after giving birth to my first child, I weighed an amazing 112 pounds and was wearing a size 0-2 and my body… amazing!  In fact, exclusively breastfeeding had my body looking better than it did pre-pregnancy, I had those gorgeous full breastfeeding boobs! No one could tell I had a c-section. After

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Look What’s Happening at the Bronx Zoo in the Month of June!

The month of June is going to be an exciting one at the Bronx Zoo this year! There are several programs not to be missed and your outdoor adventures await just minutes from your doorstep. the Bronx Zoo is thrilled to be celebrating the highly anticipated opening of The Children’s Zoo, where kids will be able to get outside and get involved in the nature that surrounds them. Your families will be able to get up close and personal with some of the zoo’s wild animals like the giant anteater or the world’s smallest deer. Don’t forget about the incredible petting zoo, where children

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Before They are Gone Forever, Go to Field Station: Dinosaurs

Looking for something fun to do with the kids this summer?  Perhaps a staycation excursion?!  In it’s last season in New Jersey, you’ll want to make Field Station: Dinosaurs a must visit. Just minutes from Manhattan, its fun for kids of all ages (and I’ve got 2, 5, 7, and 11 year olds covered). It’s perfect for your little dinosaur aficionado or a budding paleontologist. Scientists from the New Jersey State Museum have worked to ensure that the exhibition encompasses the latest theories and discoveries in the fields of paleontology, geology, and environmental studies but at the center of it all

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Allergy Diaries: Asthma Scares Me

I am obsessed with vital signs. In my job as a nurse, the very first thing I do when I receive a patient is get a full set of vitals.  That includes their heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and blood pressure. I don’t just get a full set, I make sure I have continuous monitoring as vital signs are a gateway into your body. One of the most important vital signs and often overlooked is oxygen saturation. Many of my patients have no idea what that is, or means, and when they have that little clip or sticker placed on

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How to Be the Best Patient: Give the Doctor What He Wants #VZWBuzz

Right now my littlest one has pneumonia and its such a sad sight to see him like this. He’s battling a fever with runny nose and a cough that sometimes turns into vomiting.  All I want to do is snuggle with him and make him feel better. Usually by this time my home is a mess. I’ve got thermometers every where (Type A mom that needs several readings each time), I’m always scrambling to find a piece of paper to quickly jot down what his temp is and if, what medications I gave him.  What results is little random scraps

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Looking Towards a Healthier Future!

I’ve been on a major overhaul of my health and if you haven’t done the same, I beg of you to start.  It’s sad that it took my mother-in-law being diagnosed with cancer for my family to completely overhaul our lifestyle. Yes, that’s right, my heart problem and my penchant for passing out randomly didn’t kick us into gear, neither did my boys allergies.  We always found fast food work arounds and would make small changes here and there, but nothing significant and sadly nothing that stuck.  It’s a huge wake-up call to be diagnosed with cancer, a disease by definition

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How to Avoid the Mother’s Day Gift Cliché

As a mom I have to admit, I kinda dread mother’s day.  I’m not really all about the fuss, the candy, the flowers. I don’t need a thanks for doing what I love more than anything, being a mom. So while many moms are wishing for a morning they can sleep in, or a day without their children, I’m wishing for a fun filled day with my kids, of course minus the chores. Alas, I’m always asked what’s my recommendations for Mother’s Day Gifts aside from the obvious choices, so here it goes, my thoughts on how to avoid the

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