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{disclosure: sample received} Nobody obsesses over cleaning like I do in my household.  Especially ever since I had kids, the obsession has grown.  Having taken Micro-biology as part of my nursing school pre-requisites has only made it worst.  One lecture on mold had me running to home depot and buying new filters for our HVAC system and marking on my calendar with alarms to regularly change it.  Understanding cleanliness from a scientific and clinical level has opened up a whole new understanding of cleanliness.  There are levels of cleanliness that I had only begun to scratch at the surface.  In

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The first of many confessionals…

Momconfessionals IS greenbaby-nyc.  It’s a new year with a new website and a new beginning.  Why the change?  If anyone had bothered to read my mini bio before, you might have seen something along the lines of:  a mother, living in the outerboros of NYC, trying to be greener every day.  Trying was the key word.  I always felt an obligation to keep my posts more green than not and some of my readers liked to point out whenever my posts weren’t green enough for them of course.  Not that I minded.  Many times they pushed me to keep trying,

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Simplify My Life Please!

As a mother of 2 – a two and half year old and most recently a newborn, nothing needs more simplifying than my life.  Between juggling my blog, tweeting, running my online store, going to nursing school all the while juggling the family’s complicated calendar, nursing what seems like 24/7 and making sure my toddler doesn’t feel neglected, my life is chaos.  Always trying to juggle way too many things at once, this laptop would come in handy when I need to study most.  That can  be anywhere, anytime — while the DH is in the grocery store picking up

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Milk like a Cow

Perhaps its simply my personality but I am completely neurotic about breastfeeding.  I know all the benefits – breastfeeding is best.  That is why, when I had my daughter, breastfeeding wasn’t just an option, it was the ONLY option.  I would succeed at it – PERIOD.  What resulted was a lactating cow.  From the minute Ava was first able to nurse, I obsessed over her ability to latch on.  Then it was her ability to stay awake during feedings – we often had to strip her down naked, place her skin to skin to wake her – and even that

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REVIEW: Ecostore USA

{ disclosure: samples received } I recently had a chance to sample some products from Ecostore USA and I was really excited to try this line from New Zealand that touted full disclosure with regards to its ingredients list as well as being affordable.  Not to mention I was told it would be soon widely available in my neck of the woods.  You know, for those moments of — I just ran out of detergent, don’t have time to wait for an internet order to arrive.  You’ve gotta love the back story of how the company started.  Founded over 15 years

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Being Thankful…

This thanksgiving… there is so much to be thankful for.  During my daily routine lately, I’ve been often struck with thoughts of just how lucky I am.  Take for instance, a couple days a week I study at my neighborhood public library, taking advance of their free wi-fi.  I sit here with my laptop while a line is forming to use the computers the library provides for 30 minute intervals.  It never occurs to me that many are without this luxury I take for granted.  Many don’t have a computer, let alone high-speed internet access which I consider a staple,

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My Greener Nursery

A true labor of love, my DH built this magnificent furniture piece for our soon to arrive son, Marcus.  The story behind this piece of furniture starts with a pregnancy fraught with problems.  I had a pre-existing history of difficult pregnancies, placing me in the high risk category and this one was no exception.  Following our amniocentesis, our son was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal deletion where little or no information was available.  Already on pins and needles embarking on this journey again, this news devastated our family.  Subjecting ourselves as guinea pigs, we under went one genetics test after another

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Big City Mom’s BIGGEST Baby Shower Ever!

{ disclosure : self paid ticketed event, no discount or incentives received } Yes despite an aggravated pubic bone, nothing was stopping me from attending the BCM Biggest Baby Shower Ever ~ I now had a legitimate reason to attend!  Later I learned you didn’t even need to have one from the bevy of my blogger mommy friends who were in attendance.  Well I attended as a guest with my due date partner in crime and we had an amazing time!  This event was so so much fun and so well put together.  From the moment we walked in through the American

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