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Forget Orange, We’re Going Teal

Who doesn’t love Halloween. It’s a favorite in our house.  Having grown up in an anti-Halloween household, it’s been such a treat to enjoy this holiday with my children.  From the time they were wee tots, they’ve been dressed in costumes and gone trick or treating in their strollers, toddling and now running from house to house. Collecting the candies and treats were always so much fun, even if I didn’t always let them enjoy the fruits of their collecting. Once my older son was diagnosed with severe food allergies, I was sure Halloween was done. It was heartbreaking but

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Wishes Do Come True, Find Your Dream Family Car in Chrysler’s Pacifica

Car shopping is never an easy task. Particularly with a large family with lots of different needs and wants, it’s hard to please everyone.  Until Now. Introducing the All-New Chrysler Pacifica! I asked my little momma, Ava, Age 9… WHAT 2 THINGS WILL KIDS WILL LOVE MOST ABOUT THE PACIFICA? uConnect Theater System – Hands down, always a favorite! This one was a no brainer. Being able to watch movies on the go but this system does so much more! We’re talking games, apps, wireless streaming, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and Blu-Ray connectivity — the possibilities are endless! Just like being

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Ready, Set, Go! Getting Kids Prepared for the New School Year!

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over! Many have already gone back to school, but mine are just shy of 2 weeks away from their start.  This year is particularly bittersweet with my last one, Lucas, Age 3, off to his first school year in Nursery. He couldn’t be more excited. He’s been walked through, and walked through those school halls since he was born. If he had his way he would have been in school years ago! One of the biggest questions has been, will he be ready? I recently introduced him to the Lakeshore Magic Board, a

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Back To School with JCPenney makes shopping #SoWorthIt

This summer has gone by way to quickly, and the kids will be back to school in no time.  While we still have a few weeks left to enjoy, parents and students everywhere are beginning to think about their back to school needs, which include everything from school supplies to the ever-important back to school wardrobe. My kids aren’t the only ones going back to school this year.  I too, will be going back to school, as I work to obtain my master’s degree.  As a working parent who is also in school, my wardrobe choices can range from comfy

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How Playtime Can Help Avoid the Summer Learning Slump with Lakeshore Learning

Ahhh, summer break. Time to get outdoors and go swimming at the local pool. For our family summer is all about weekend getaways, baseball games and have a blast at camp. My kids will say that summer is a time to have tons of fun. While I wholeheartedly agree that school is out and it’s time to relax, I don’t necessarily believe in the saying “no more pencils, no more books.”  As a matter of fact, I often try to incorporate lots of education fun in our summer activities so that my boys are constantly learning, even while having their summer fun.

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Pampers Swaddlers Honors Nurses with #ThankYouNurses Awards

Nursing isn’t just any career, or a routine way to make a living. It’s a profession that takes a certain type of passionate and caring person. Nursing feels more like it is an art form that requires devotion, dedication and a strong sense of compassion. Being a nurse often means putting others before yourself and often being away from your family to care for someone else’s.  Most nurses can say that they have missed countless holidays and family moments over the years. Despite all this, we, as nurses, don’t go to work looking for recognition or praise. We go to work every day

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Ha-Ha, the Jokes on Ava!

I’m not going to lie. Reading is not a favorite activity for Ava of She doesn’t hate reading. It’s just not the first thing she’d choose to do if she had some free time. That’s okay though, I get it. She’s a busy girl with lots of friends, lots of extracurricular activities, she vlogs. She’s busy. Heck I’m busy too. I haven’t read a book with her in ages, in fact, probably not since she was little and reading books now usually is reserved for 3 year old little brother in hopes of building that love of learning right

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Better Matters, Switching to FiOS in a Snap!

Once you live in New York City, you become so spoiled by the fast paced, instant gratification of a city that never sleeps.  Only in New York City can you have food delivered to your home 24 hours a day – seriously after the kids are asleep I get cravings for greasy fast food I’d never let them eat, watch a movie at 2AM in the morning (my favorite thing to do when fighting with the hubby – let him wonder where I’ve gone!), have breakfast for dinner, or go clubbing until the sun comes up (not that I do

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