Cancun Bound! Part I

Does going to Cancun count as going abroad?  I mean we did get on a plane and all.  That aside, travelling by plane with two kids in tow was definitely an experience.  I would love to know how anyone packs light with children.  Here’s our story and please do share if you think of ways we could have shaved some of our baggage down.

That’s not to say I don’t think we did well as far as packing.  2 adults, a toddler and an infant had a total of 7 pieces.  3 checked-in luggage of which 2 were large pieces and 1 was a carry-on we last minute opted to check in.  Our carry-ons included a backpack which belonged to the husband, my “purse/diaper bag”  — the bag that had it ALL and our Guava Family GoCrib.   We did our best to make sure the carry-ons included only what was necessary for the plane ride and of course valuables including a netbook, my trusty camera, blankets, diapers, emergency change of clothes for the kiddies and loads of entertainment and snacks.  Aside from the infants food bag, we could have definitely foregone the toddler’s snack load but my purse-slash-diaper bag was accessed enough to make this traveling mom frantic.  Our 7th piece, one to never leave home without was our new Mamas & Papas Cruise Stroller with cup holder and toddler handle attached.

In cargo, our 3 checked in pieces carried at least 4 days of clothing for the kids, covering everything for a rainy day, a cold front and hopefully mostly sunny days.  I was incredibly proud of myself for stuffing their clothing including my bare minimum for myself into one suitcase and squeezing in some toiletries where ever room was found.  Shared among the 3 pieces were packages of our favorite instant noodles, Annie Chun’s soup bowls, microwavable popcorn, a case of baby food, Hot Kid Baby Mum-Mum Vegetable Rice Rusk, Annie’s Homegrown Berry Patch Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, fruitable juice boxes, swim diapers and regular diapers, floaties, a blow up boat, a travel size dapple dish liquid and a bottle of Method Laundry Detergent Free + Clear.  Considering we had an infant in tow, I was quite proud that I only brought two sets of Tommee Tippee Food Potsone sippy cup, one OXO Tot Flip-Top Snack Cup and one breastpump set up, keeping it at a bare minimum.  Of these, we hoped more than 3/4ths would disappear by the end of the trip.

Traveling with children is always an adventure.  On this short 3 hour flight, our family of four occupied 3 seats, had one infant throw up occurrence, one poopy diaper, 2 interesting diaper changes in the tiny bathroom and two accidental spills of soda all over daddy by the toddler.  One of which was moments before landing which left the flight attendant giving us a sympathetic pass on the landing protocol as my husband tried desperately to dry his soaked pants with hundreds of JetBlue cocktail napkins.  If a bad airplane ride could ever make me never want to travel with children again, this one would have been it.  I was happy that it did not set the tone for the trip although it made for a rough start.

Upon landing, one perk with traveling with children was bypassing the long customs line and going straight to the front.  It may have been a fluke or sheer luck, but a kind guard came right over and pulled us off the line and led us straight to the front.  4 stamps later, our Mamas & Papas Cruise stroller with toddler holding onto the handy toddler bar, we wound and weaved our way around timeshare peddlers, finally crossing into the Mexican sun!

To be continued…

{ disclosure: products were provided for review by the following companies, Annie Chun’s, Mamas & Papas, Tommee Tippee, Oxo Tots, Guava Family and Dapple Baby.  As always all opinions express here within are my own. }