REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Bumbo’s Booster Seat

photo (4)With a 3 year old, it can be hard to get your child to sit at the table throughout a meal. Once your little on IS sitting with you, it can then be a challenge for them to properly reach their plate (due to their small stature). In comes the booster seat.

We have tried many kinds: hard plastic, convertible high chairs, extra chair padding, and more. I was surprised to know that Bumbo, the company that made the green floor seat that helped my babies sit up without my help, has a booster seat as well.

Made especially for toddlers, Bumbo’s booster seat is constructed with the same sturdy material as their ever popular floor chair. It is soft, comfortable, durable, and very easy to clean – which is a HUGE plus. Anything that can be wiped down in 1 second, is something we love. The seat itself has a three point harness which keeps my child sitting in his chair throughout our family dinners. He just loves to snap himself in, which he is able to do very easily, and we just love that he will stay put until we are ready to unbuckle his straps and get him out. The Bumbo booster also has safety straps that fit snugly around our chair both underneath and around the back. This ensures that it is sitting firmly in place and won’t slide out when my son climbs in and out.

The only thing to consider with the Bumbo Booster, is that you cannot attach a tray to the front of your booster seat. While some parents may not mind this, for us this isn’t always ideal.

Overall, the Bumbo booster is a low maintenance, comfortable chair that my child will get plenty of use of. That is at least until he can reach the table without it!


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