REVIEW: Growin on Up with the Britax Frontier 85

photo 1When you’re about to have #3 with two still in car seats, space becomes a premium.  With that said, space should never compromise on safety and that’s why always count on Britax to keep our kids safe.  Little Miss A has been sitting pretty in her Britax Parkway SGL for a couple years now and now at the age of 5, she was ready to  go to a traditional backless booster seat.  We’re lucky that the Britax Parkway SGL converts to a backless booster without losing the safety of the SecureGuard.   One of my favorite Britax features.  It works with the vehicle safety belt in booster mode to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt during impact, thus minimizing the risk of abdominal injury.  It allows Little Miss A to feel like a big girl, while giving her parents peace of mind and freeing up some valuable real estate in the back seat.  Not to mention as a backless booster, it gave us a lot of flexibility in terms of moving her seat position around in our 2.5 row car (I don’t really count that 3rd row as a row unless it’s a necessity).

Alas 3 seats in a row still is a tight fit even in an SUV, and the Little Man was showing signs of outgrowing his convertible car seat not just in size but in personality as well.  He had been eyeing his sister’s booster seat for a while now and often we’ve gotten the kids into the car only to find the Little Man in a struggle with his sister, wanting to sit in her seat, not the baby chair.  To his parents though, he’s “not quite a big boy”, we knew he wasn’t quite ready for the Parkway SGL and wanted something a little more secure  for our little monkey.  While you can definitely transition to a booster seat at the age of two, we opted to keep M in his convertible car seat for as long as he would stay, none the wiser.  At just about 3 years and 3 months, he was ready to move on and told us so himself.

photo 2We fell in love with the Britax Frontier 85 for its Big Boy look and its secure 5-pt harness which can hold up to 85lbs.  Because of real estate we opted for the Frontier 85 over the Frontier 85 SICT, but didn’t feel like we were compromising on his safety in any way, after all this is Britax, the name synonymous in car seat safety.   We love the True Side Impact Protection which offers a head restraint creating an extra layer of energy-absorbing foam, keeping the head, neck and spine “in true” or aligned, and deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body.  As an added bonus, my little guy tends to still fall asleep to the lull of a car ride and it keeps his head from swinging all over the place, one of my husband’s biggest concerns.

The 5-point harness has 10 super easy quick-adjust, no re-thread positions, growing up to 20″ to adjust to your ever sprouting tree.  When the little M is ready to convert from a harness to a belt-positioning booster, it easily does so, looking not much different from the Parkway SGL his sister rode in.  Until then, doesn’t he look like he is just loving his big boy chair with his two generous cup holders.

Definitely check out Britax’s Booster Seat Basics.  I picked up quick a few safety tips that I didn’t know ie., your child should be in a harness until at least 4 years old.  Good to know!

{ disclosure : A sample was provided for review.  As always, all opinions expressed here are our very own.  We’ve been long time fans of Britax’s line of car seats. }