Bloggers and our Media Overload

Bloggers, have you looked recently at all the stuff you’ve accumulated?  I’m not talking about just the swag, but the papers, press releases and ALL those flash drives!  I love those flash drives.  I’d rather get them than the hard copies but to that end, I’ve amassed over 84 of them in the past year.  I remember the days when I had to purchase one for school and they were a pretty penny.  Now I’m practically raining them!   It has become a mission for me to figure out what to do with all those flash drives.

Over time, a minute here and there, I open up my Mac Disk Utility and format those babies, one at a time.  Once formatted they’ve gone into a handy little box labeled FORMATTED.  At first I considered donating them to my daughter’s school.  While I am sure that they would greatly appreciate them, I wanted them to do a greater good.  A greater good you say?  What do I mean?

Well, a little research uncovered that flash drives are need for everyone from schools in under-served neighborhoods, to organizations helping teen boys find jobs and single moms returning to the work force.  A little more digging and I discovered some great places in New York City via a New York Magazine Article – “Where to Donate Everything” –to donate all my flash drives, blogger swag drag and all the other excess in my life.

The Flash Drives will be heading to Mercy Center  (377 E. 145th St., nr. Willis Ave., the Bronx; 718-993-2789) for its women’s job-training program, the center needs new 1 and 2 GB flash drives, which I’ve got a plethora of!

Looking at the list, I’ve got tons of used baby items that would be greatly appreciated by The Children’s Aid Society (105 E. 22nd St., at Park Ave. 212-949-4684)  The Society is in dire need of new shoes and apparel—as well as strollers, diaper bags, car seats, and high chairs—for the 100,000 kids (ages 0 to 11) that it serves. I’ve got much and yet so little of what they truly need.

How about it Bloggers and Friends, would you join me and make charity a year round thing?