Blick Art Room Aid inspires Young (and Young at Heart) Artists

Blick Infographic FINALI myself am having a creativity blitz and I am just reveling in it.  As some of you may notice, my page is undergoing a new transformation (cringe – still in progress!).  It’s been about 2 years since my blog has had a redesign and well… being on bed rest has my creative juices flowing.  My poor family has watched me going into a shell for the past 24 hours as I design, manipulate and code my way through the day.  I’m definitely not one of those people with a vision that needs to be seen through.  If anyone has been checking my blog over the past 24 hours, they may have seen some peculiar looks I was testing out — from color schemes, to layouts and playing with typography.  Because I’m one of those super focused artists, I can never ever bother my daughter when she’s on her creative roll.  Nothing warms my heart more than when she’s sharing with me her latest creations and boy does she get excited!  She in particular loves to show me her thought process, although she isn’t very receptive to my input (yet!), but that’s okay.  I can admire a girl who is trying new techniques and working her way through it.  (Geez, sounds a little like me… )

BlickLogoIts hard to believe that some people still don’t find Art an important part of a well rounded education.  I’d like to think that Art, the ability to create and inspire, helps to shape a little of who we are.  Programs like Blick Art Room Aid are amazing.  They are inspiring the next generation of artists and great minds, because they come hand in hand!

Art Room Aid was created in 2009 by Blick Art Materials. As a company focused on educational and professional art supplies, Blick has also consistently supported arts education in diverse ways. Whether sponsoring art scholarships or creating lesson plans that address national standards of learning while easing the burden on busy educators, we at Blick understand just how important collaboration is. And we know that big dreams start small- after all, Blick is a family-owned company that began at Mr. and Mrs. Blick’s kitchen table in Galesburg, Illinois, 100 years ago.

Today, we’re continuing to nurture that deeply rooted investment in the arts and in educational communities with Art Room Aid. As the world becomes increasingly linked, skills like visual communication and creative problem-solving are more important than ever.

404430_10151504855420159_126270567_nI was lucky enough to work with Little Miss A’s teacher to help create her Art Room Aid project entitled Circus Mural.  The kindergarten classes just put on an amazing Circus performance this afternoon and we’re still high from all the excitement.  What I love about her teacher, Mrs Lavey, is how she weaves fun, creativity and learning into everything they do.  It wasn’t just about putting on a theatrical performance.  The children got involved with everything from set production, to counting props, singing, etc..  I was so impressed by the entire production and I can see why Mrs Lavey wants to immortalize it in a Circus Mural.

If you’re an art educator, Art Room Aid provides the tools to easily share your dreams and funding needs without complicated applications or fees that take away from contributions. If you’re so inclined to donate to the Circus Mural, please click here or you can quickly locate a project that resonates with you and make a high-quality contribution that will go directly to a project in need.

When you become a part of Art Room Aid, either as a project leader or as a sponsor, you’re joining a larger community and taking part in a conversation that goes far beyond the classrooms and community spaces where essential creative learning is taking place every day.