Aquaphor Introduces Diaper Rash Cream and More!

We give Aquaphor’s Diaper Rash Cream 4/4 stars!
My little monkey in his ‘little monkeys” onsie!

As a nurse, who washes her hands multiple times a day, I have tried many brands of many moisturizers in attempt to keep my hands from becoming cracked and dry. Time and time again, I find that one brand has proven to be the most reliable for helping me keep my hands smooth. That brand is Aquaphor. Having recently celebrated 90 years of success, there is little doubt that Aquaphor has proven to provide their customers with products that work. When I was informed that they are now catering to the littlest of consumers, I was more than willing to see what they offered for my little one.
I have a two-year old who is still in diapers. He is often on the move and hates having his diaper change.  When his diapers become soiled or wet, and he won’t sit still long enough to let someone change him (or keeps the necessity of a diaper change to himself), it can lead to terrible redness and irritations in the most sensitive places. While I agree that there can be a correlation between how long a child sits in a wet diaper and acquiring diaper rash, I also know that I have used many diaper creams (with both of my children) that I feel have fallen short on protecting their sensitive skin from redness and irritation. I can’t say I’m surprised that Aquaphor, a company well known for protecting even the roughest of skin, has a baby product line. The Aquaphor baby line now includes a just-launched diaper rash cream that is worthy of praise.aquaphor1
Aquaphor’s Diaper Rash Cream is perfect for my son’s delicate skin and creates an effective barrier between my son’s bottom and his soiled diaper. It is fragrance free, non-greasy and pediatrician recommended. Perhaps that’s because it has been clinically proven to treat and prevent diaper rash within 6 hours of use! The specially formulated cream has zinc oxide and is great for soothing an already irritated bottom as well.
My little monkey and I give this product 4/4 stars when it comes to overall performance and everyday use. He is comfortable in his diapers and doesn’t even seem to notice the diaper rash cream when it is being put on between diaper changes and I am comfortable knowing that his little bottom is protected.
While I’m pleased to say that my son doesn’t regularly suffer from diaper rash (and while I hope to be out of diapers in the near future), I can say that even when our diaper-free day arrives, my son will still be using Aquaphor diaper rash cream (as well as the many other wonderful Aquaphor products) in their Baby line. Did I mention that the diaper rash cream even comes in a 3.5 oz tube – making it perfect to stick in any diaper bag or purse? Aquaphor has never steered me wrong and I would recommend their products to anyone who is looking for a reliable, simple way to protect even the most sensitive skin.

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{disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post.   We DID receive some products to test out as well as an adorable onesie that we proudly decorated for Aquaphor.  My family loves and uses Aquaphor products regularly and any reviews and opinions are always my own. }