Android vs iPhone vs Windows OS — Oh My! #VZWBuzz

iphoneOver the past few months I’ve had a chance to check out all three options and I have to say, it’s not an easy choice between the 3.  Each have their unique pluses and minuses which leaves each person to find the right OS for them.  So let’s break it down.

If you’re a more traditional OS based person, your choice may simply lie on whether or not you’re a Microsoft person or an Apple fan (Windows OS vs iPhone OS).  Although I don’t think it’s just as simple as that.  The iPhone while simplified in its options, does it’s thing and does it WELL.  To the point where you will accept any and all limitations that come with an iPhone because you’ve become so familiar with it, that you become almost complacent. Not to mention, it’s almost like crack, you get addicted to it and you want more… more Apple products which only work with other Apple products and soon you’re swimming in an Apple world.  Do you want the red pill or the blue pill?

nokia-lumia928The Windows phone is flashy, it’s got bright colors, super cool tiles and screen saving imagery that’s too cool for school… but it feels a bit like being at a party 24/7.  It’s meant to be a social phone, more than just one to make and take calls.  It’s pinging you, helping you stalk your friends…. but it’s missing somethings… wait… a lot of things… their apps offering is on the weaker side and my addiction to apps is having some withdrawal issues, not to mention all the flashing lights… Maybe I haven’t played with it enough.  Maybe I’m just not cool enough for it.

moto_razr_hdWhich leaves a person to ask, where does Android lie?  I think of Android as akin to Linux if we’re using OS references, more for the purest and the die hard techy.  For the love of the smartphone.  So many ways to customize and truly make the phone YOUR phone.  I have to admit initially it drove me batty.  I just didn’t feel like I had the time or energy to learn a whole new way of doing things.  I was completely scratching my head on why one android phone could look completely different from another right out of the box.  I still wonder why some apps are included on some phones and not others.  My husband has this nifty little notes feature akin to iPhones recorder on his Droid DNA while I don’t have anything like that on my Droid Razr HD.  What I did love was that many of my favorite apps on my iPhone was also available on Droid.  As I firmly get back to my tech roots, I’m having fun with it.  Geeking out…

The other interesting factor I’ve found is the generational gap.  As simple as using a computer is to me, it’s not for my in-laws who are in the 65-75 year old range.  Would you believe than an iPhone comes out on top for this age group?  In addition to ease of use and simplicity, it is also the most multi-lingual friendly OS out there.  The predictive texting in Chinese blows my mind each time I see my mother in law texting away.  She use to drive me nuts with her “the computer is broken” when all it wanted was for her to verify her password.

In full disclosure, prior to 4 months ago, the only phone I’ve used for years is an iPhone, starting with the first generation.  Are my observations on target? What do you think?