An Ear for Swimming with Auro-Dri

The toddler and I were invited to the swanky Empire Hotel to do what she loves best… SWIM!  She loves the water and I am so glad she got that water gene, because it’s certainly not from me!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the water.  But I can be more often found waddling on the shallow end or even more often, just dipping in for second and then I’m back out on the lounge chair.  I can swim, although I think by now, that skill has faded to little more than a doggy paddle from lack of use.  Somewhere along the way I developed a fear of water up my nose and in my ears.  I never dunk underwater unless I’m holding my nose and often it’s super fast because I’m afraid the water will get into my ears once the air pocket passes.  These days I have a great excuse for not going in the water.  I have to watch the kids!  I know it’s simply a ridiculous fear of my own, but still would never admit to such a thing.

Little did I know that Swimmers’ ear is a real thing!  I guess I had an inkling as my husband is always complaining about water getting in his ears.  I just thought it was stupid that he continued going in if it bothered him so much.  I mean, I stopped… But he does love the water like my little water baby.  And obviously his fears didn’t outweigh his love.  When I told him about Auro-Dri®, all he could say was “Get Me Some of That!”  Thanks Auro-Dri®, you’ve made my husband’s day.  I never saw a boy so happy for a $3 bottle of ear drops. Wow! Wait a second!  A $3 bottle of ear drops!

MC and Aaron Perisol at Auro-Dri taken by Jen R. of

That’s pretty amazing I have to say.  Auro-Dri® is a leading ear drying aid that dries up excess water and relieves clogged ear discomfort.  It is even safe for children ages 2 years and up.  Auro-Dri® can also help ease possible complications from infections.  The isopropyl alcohol kills bacteria to help prevent infection and soothe pain, while the anhydrous glycerin acts as a drying agent.

Auro-Dri® is the official product of the American Swimming Coaches Association and is recommended by Aaron Peirsol, five time Gold Medalist and world record holder in backstroke.  He was on hand to give us tips on water safety.  The kids were all in awe of him.  We all got a chance to touch his Olympic Gold Medal from the Beijing Olympics, which is way heavier than I expected thanks to a beautiful piece of Jade hidden in the back.  Thanks Aaron for teaching them how to make a whirlpool and of course, how to shoot water at us!  Ha Ha!

Auro-Dri® is pretty much available at any drugstore, as well as many grocery stores for a reasonable $2.99-$3.49 to make your baby a water baby again!  Visit their site now for a 55¢ OFF coupon!