SPOTTED: Allermates, Your Child’s Best Friend #Giveaway

caseAllergies are no fun.  Ask any kid. Ask my kid.  He hates being the kid with allergies.  At age 3, he already thinks its unfair he can’t go to Pizza parties or eat the same things as his sister does.  Alas there are some cool things about having allergies… like his “superman” allergy bracelet.  He loves his “superman” allergy bracelet and especially loves when I read it to him.  It goes something like this, “Marcus Chan, allergic to dairy and nuts… in case of emergency call Momma! (it has my phone number on it).”  He always roars with laughter when I say, Call Momma!  When I spotted Allermates I was in love.  Not only were they functional Alert products, they were cool too.  From their ever cool Allergy/Health Alert wristband to fun labels for foods, and now introducing EpiPen®, Auvi-Q and Asthma Inhaler carrying cases.  The cases come in colorful kid-friendly designs, and include AllerMates characters.  Each case comes with an Emergency Contact and Medication Information card.  The EpiPen® carrying case is insulated, and comes with an epinephrine auto-injector User Guide.  The cases, like all AllerMates products, are nickel, lead, latex, BPA and phthalate free.  I am loving these cases.  Currently Marcus has a huge case which fits right into his backpack, but ever since potty training success, the need for a backpack has become cumbersome.  This small profile which holds everything he needs is perfect for me to throw in the diaper bag and even into my purse when it’s just me and Marcus.

AllerMates has launched an online community at, just in time for May’s Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month.  Registration for this unique Community offers separate distinct options for Parents & Caregivers or allergy related professionals like doctors, nurses, nutritionists and those providing goods and services to the community. Users can sign up at and exchange experiences, seek advice, post recipes, get breaking news and alerts, make friends, share photos and videos, use the “ask the doctor platform” and create a strong support network of allies among others dealing with allergies and asthma. The community is easy to join and to use. It features the friendly images of AllerMates characters that have made the products so popular among children and their parents.

charmsThe creation of an AllerMates online community was a natural extension of the benefits that AllerMates have brought to families with food allergies and other health ailments,” says AllerMates Founder and CEO Iris Shamus.  “Linking up with other kids and their families dealing with the ever-present challenges of allergies and asthma, especially during May’s Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month, gives people an important resource and let’s them know they are not alone.  Thousands of other families are coping with the same issues and the community helps them learn and share.  Kids with allergies and asthma can participate with their parents too and will find fun and friendly tools, resources, games and education at this site’s ‘Kids Club,’ says Iris.

Among the many free features and resources on the site are: a physician and professional directory, restaurant cards, action plans, downloadable schools signs and lots of children’s activities. AllerMates offers something for anyone who cares for an allergic or asthmatic child and invites all to register and share.


Allermates is giving (1) lucky Mom Confessionals reader a chance to win one of their new Allergy Medicine Case and Customizable Allergy/Health Alert Wristbands.
You must answer the following question: “How do you make your world safer for your Allergy child?” to be entered.  You have several additional entry options if you’d like to increase your odds of winning!  ALL ENTRIES ARE CONTAINED WITHIN THE WIDGET.  Good Luck!