ALLERGY DIARIES: Give Me Some Relief Please!

Ocean Kids_pkg-rgb-shdw-lr 4-18-12And it’s officially allergy season (again)!  I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year I dread.  It’s the only time of year I feel any effect of pollen.  Its always been tolerable for me, with nothing more than itchy nose, eyes and the sensation of wanting to rip my skin off, especially worst when I didn’t get enough sleep, but now with my son’s severe compounded allergies, I dread it more than anything.  On top of his food allergies, he’s also super sensitive to environmental triggers.  We tried to ignore the signs, stuffy nose, a persistent wet cough… Allergy season arrived early this year…and with a vengeance.  Albuterol was our friend, but the nasal suction sent my son running for the hills.  There was so much boogers — don’t you love my laymen’s terminology? —  in his nose, sometimes the nasal suction wasn’t enough.  I shudder to admit, my husband even took to using tweezers to get these offenders out and you can imagine the screaming, kicking that ensues with each attempt to aid in better breathing for him.  Then I got this awesome email — this is where I love being a blogger — a press release about “How to Safely Administer Nasal Spray to your Child!”  I wanted to hug this PR person, because when my child is screaming and kicking, I can feel it in every bone in my body.  While I know it’s for his own good, to help him breath better, my heart breaks for him, knowing only a sliver of the terror going through his mind while being held down to get those pesky boogers out. Saline sprays are awesome!  While my husband was obssessing over why our 3 year old just didn’t know how to blow his nose, I had forgotten all about saline sprays.  We use them all the time in the newborn nursery to clear thick mucous in the baby’s nose.  For dried boogers like my son’s, they help soften them and make it easier to remove.  Many times your child will just sneeze right after… and out comes boogie!  If you need to employ nasal suction, it makes it all the more easier.

[message type=”info”]“It’s important to remember that even if you manage to get the spray nozzle into your child’s nostrils once, it’s possible you’ll never be able to do it again,” says NYC-allergist, David S. Mazza, MD. “Spraying into your child’s nose can be a frightening experience, especially to a very young child,” he explains. “Sprays meant for adults often have large, adult-size nozzles and they exert considerable pressure to deliver the spray into the nose. While we, as adults, expect this, it can frighten a child.”

Dr. Mazza cautions against “using any spray that is medicated unless directed to do so by a physician, or sharing a nasal spray with anyone else for fear of spreading an infection.” One thing you can use safely is a saline nasal spray, such as Ocean for KIDS® Saline Nasal Spray. “A spray like this respects the developing anatomy of a child’s nose with a smaller nozzle.  This is especially important for a child with a cold or allergies, as the nasal mucosa is very easily irritated. Children size spray nozzles and gentle pressure can alleviate this problem. Ocean for KIDS® Saline Nasal Spray has both.” He comments that “Ocean for KIDS® Saline Nasal Spray provides extra moisture for delicate nostrils to help prevent irritation. Because it is saline, it can be used frequently throughout the day to help thin mucus, wash out allergens and deliver moisturizing relief.”

“Whether it’s the tail end of the cold and flu season or the beginning of allergy season, it’s important to know how to safely provide relief for your child,” he says. “When using a spray, be slow and gentle and tell your child what to expect it to feel like. And,” he winks, “a little bribe at the end never hurts.”[/message]

Just to show you’re always learning, while logical, you shouldn’t share nasal sprays as you will also be sharing germs.  Thanks Ocean for KIDS® Saline Nasal Spray for showing me and the husband a safer, gentler way to clear my son’s nasal passages!

{ disclosure:  I received, upon request, samples of Ocean for Kid’s Nasal Spray.  Valued at $4.99 each, please note I don’t sell my endorsement for that amount, I really am grateful for a safer way to comfort my child. }