Adorn your home with The Adorne Collection by Legrand

It’s no secret, I do not LOVE my house. We purchased this home, over 10 years ago now, out of practicality and my husband’s need to remain close to his family. We LITERALLY moved right next door to his sister and around the corner from his parents.  Being that there are only 2 houses on the block, you could say we have a little bit of a COMPOUND. My former boss and Kennedy family member use to joke with me that I had the Chan Compound and he, affectionately, had the Kennedy Compound. It still tickles me when I think of that.

IMG_0873As with much in life, you roll with it and since this was in the early years of our marriage, we were limited in funds and our home renovations of a very much fixer upper home, was very cost conscience. Over the years I’ve made small touches to make it a home, our home, but as with many cheap fixes, it starts to show over the years.  Like the cheaper paint that we used has dulled and faded.  Our somewhat slightly upgraded outlets from our neighborhood Lowes have a worn aged plastic appeal now. I remember being quite proud of my negotiation for nice outlets from my penny pinching husband 10 years ago who also then had me installing them all myself and has spent the last 10 years waiting for our home to burn down.  Yes a decade of wear and tear, through 3 kids and the move-in of my in-laws, definitely warrants some upgrades and I think we’ve earned it.

IMG_0875Over the past year we’ve slowly tasked ourselves with small changes that really make an impact.  The first thing we did was splurge on some good paint. Really I had no idea how important this decision was, but there is something to be said about quality paint that locks in the same color and brightness from day 1. From there we changed out our food stained (don’t ask) honey comb window shades for some beautiful new ones that light filter beautifully in the day and helps with energy conservation. Being the tech geek that I am, I started to task and make my home a SMART home with the addition of wireless cameras, Amazon Echo (which my children are obsessed with commanding), smart thermostat, etc.,  We started really looking at ways to make and simplify our lives.

When my inbox brought me Adorne, I couldn’t be more thrilled. My worn aged plastic outlets were an eyesore to my newly painted living room with its beautiful new shades and new potted plants, looking just a bit like a half-ass upgrade. When you first peruse the extensive catalog, not only are the visually gorgeous but WOW! The possibilities of clever and intuitive designs are endless! I automatically could see which ones could go where, and that to me is the very way you should buy a home.
IMG_0874My top 3 favorite Adorne products in order of obsession:

  • Adorne Wave Switch – Seriously brilliant.  We installed this, of all places, in our main bathroom which was shared by the children and my in laws. Being a nurse, I am definitely a bit of a germaphobe. You wouldn’t believe the chain of bacteria I’ve watched my children spread and proper hand washing is something I’m bit obsessed with. I’m always yelling at my children to go wash their hands. We have one currently potty training, while I won’t go into graphic details, I’m sure you can imagine the need for good handwashing hygiene. In addition to yelling at them to wash their hands, it is also quickly followed by “Hands in the air! Hands in the air! DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” I’m so in love with the Wave switch… it also is very pretty to look at too.  TIP: Install as a standalone, I co-installed with an outlet and every time I access the outlet I turn off and on the light at the same time.  It can be a bit frustrating.
  • Adorne Sensaswitch – Such a lovely feature for so many reasons. I located this switch in the entry way of our home. It’s not a big entry way, a small square would probably be how it’s described. What I love is that it is essentially a motion detector. The minute we enter our home, our entry way is lit which is great when it’s late night, coming home to a completely dark home. It’s also lovely to have when we’re about to leave, lighting up the way to finding our shoes and putting them on. One that we did not initially consider, but for my mother in law, who is in cancer remission and has loss of hearing due to her chemotherapy, it also lights when someone is at the door as often, she does not hear the door bell.
  • The different types of Adorne switches from Touch, SoftTap, Whisper, Paddle to Push. Same basic function but different look and feel. This works out great for multi-gang plates where you have several different operations all in one place. We installed this setup in our living room where we have a combination of 2 zones of recessed lighting and 2 zones of ambient lighting.  We used 2 SoftTaps and 2 Push buttons which overall look and feel is the same but different at the same time.  We also utilized the backlighting of the switch to differentiate the 2 different types of lighting making it much easier to distinguish which is which.

As you probably gathered, my house hasn’t burned down in the last 10 years, so putting on my toolbelt, I felt confident I would be able to tackle this installation. Keep in mind, I have no electrical training what so ever and my knowledge is called the internet, youtube videos and pure common sense. I boldly let my child record my attempt to change out an outlet, yes some hilarity ensured.

Things I learned while doing this install:

  • I’ve got shoddy wiring in my home
  • Most of the time I didn’t have a neutral wire, which many of the outlets do require
  • READ the instructions. In my video I didn’t install the baseplate first before installing, which required me to go back to the breaker box, turn off access, take apart my installation and then reinstall the entire switch. I was totally sweating the entire time.
  • If you see other color wires, meaning other than black, white or red, call an electrician. While most installations can be done yourself, don’t be afraid to get help.  What seemed like an easy installation for me to do, was more complicated when wiring wasn’t done to code in my home.

In addition to the vast options of switch choices, they also have a plethora of design choices from different material faceplates, think metal, leather and wood to customizable decor faceplates, like matching your wallpaper or design theme.  An often overlooked design feature of any interior (re)design, replacing your old outlets and switches with The Adorne Collection by Legrand is just… well GRAND.

While I didn’t initially love my house, the fact that I was able to imagine and then implement The Adorne Collection into our interior design means it’s finally becoming our HOME.

{ disclosure: I received no compensation for this post, but did receive a selection of products to review. Continue to follow us on twitter and instagram to see the home renovation progress! As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }