7 Must-Haves to Accessorize Your Life at Verizon Wireless #VZWBuzz

IMG_20140321_122521Today I had a chance to hang out with the people that create the Buzz at the amazing Buzzfeed offices — You know the people famous for all those lists and quizzes that fill your Facebook feed.  So taking a cue from the wise Keith R Hernandez, here goes my Top 7 Must-Haves!

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro – It had everyone in the room picking up their jaw off the floor.  Yes this tech-savvy social media crew was in love with everything from the awesomely multi-function S Pen (can we say how awesome air command is!) and the multi-view screens.  This 12.2″ screen device is so much more than a tablet, it can double as a laptop too with the included Samsung Hancom Office Suite!
  2. LG G Pad 8.3 LTE – Good things come in small packages, well it’s smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro!  This small wonder talks to all your android device sharing your calls, messaging and social networking notifications through Q Pair and helps you multitask YOUR way.  From Slide Aside to QSlide function, it is an adapting handheld that makes life easier.  We are just loving KnockOn, two taps and you’re out (in sleep mode!)  and Nokia Beamer which lets you share your live content with anyone via a secure link.  Oh and I can’t forget support for a family of users, giving each their own profile!
  3. Nokia Icon – This was the real stunner to me.  I was already a fan of their amazing camera but it’s FREE and included Mix Radio blew my mind.  Millions and millions of songs to choose from and take offline too!  I can’t skip over the camera because their Smart Sequence is life changing for moms who are always trying to get a great shot of all their kids looking in the right direction.  I NEED THIS! Oh and it’s a phone too.
  4. IMG_20140321_112019749_HDRLG Tone Ultra – An awesome discovery and would make a great gift for the husband.  I love the around the neck design.  This multi-functional headset provides a rich sound experience with the ability to take phone calls as well.  The voice activated controls are pretty nifty as well if you want to call a friend or even get a weather update.  It’s very futuristic and sleek with its magnetic ear buds and touch buttons.
  5. Bose SoundLink Mini – As our phones and tablets are much more than what meets the eye, this is the perfect companion for an impromptu dance party with reknown Bose quality sound as my kids will attest to! Full review coming soon!
  6. Belkin Wemo products – yes the name is as darlingly cute as they are.  This line of products lets you control everything from your light switches and other plug-connected devices from anywhere in the world via the Wemo app!  Incredibly priced, you can customize a solution that works for your family.
  7. Belkin Wifi Range Extender – No more guessing if your 1 or 2 bars of wifi is enough for you — fill’er up with the Wifi Range Extender.

With Verizon Wireless’ new More Everything plan, well… It’s so affordable, you can have everything!  One last thing, some sage advice via the Buzzfeed wall…


{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger who attended a fun event at the Buzzfeed NYC offices and received no compensation for this post. I’m simply a tech-savvy geek who loves gadgets and loves to share her very personal opinions.  }