5 Tips for Study Space Zen

regencyWith my daughter entering 1st grade this fall, it’s her first year of serious studying.  I’m a firm believer that having a proper place to study can effect a child’s mindset on school and studying.  That’s why this summer I’ve dedicated my time and money to build my daughter the perfect zen study space.

  1. Finding the right space –  A child needs a consistent and set space to study.  Somewhere he/she can keep her school books, notes and study materials all in one place.  The kitchen table may suffice occasionally, but having your own desk and space is essential in keeping a child focused.
  2. Lighting is everything – Not just for protecting eye sight, but a desk near a window  can have a peaceful and calming effect alongside a nice breeze coming through to really awaken the senses.
  3. The Right Furniture – A desk isn’t just a desk.  It can be a place where inspiration gets ignited.  Matching your surrounding furniture is of course important, but so its functionality.  Will your child have a computer at the desk, a laptop, lots of books, reference materials?  Make sure the space is right for them.  They should have enough room for books, reference materials and computer if necessary.  Engage your child in the selection process and watch them be giddy with glee in their new space.
  4. Personalize your space – I love desk protectors for this reason.  They are perfect for showcasing favorite photos and drawings, not to mention desktop helpers.
  5. Be Organized –  With everything in it’s proper place, your mind won’t be distracted by the clutter.  I love having a holder filled with freshly sharpened pencils, markers neatly stored in it’s container, papers sorted and supplies all readily available.  Get your child engaged in keeping his/her space clean!

pinkMy Must Haves

  • Desk Protector – Especially with young children, a desk pad is a worthy investment.  I searched for one that covered a majority of my table space and can be trimmed for a custom fit.  It also doubles as a great place to place favorite photos, drawings and desktop helpers (reference guides).  There are plenty to choose from but if you want a custom fit, head to your neighborhood Lowe’s and try Lexan or Plexiglass cut to size.
  • Floor Protector – Since this is a space that clocks many hours, it’s important to protect your carpet or hardwood floors.  They can be expensive, but my favorite IKEA has a great one, KOLON for only $19.99.

Come check out my board on Pinterest and see how my daughter’s space is evolving!