5 Criterias for Your Perfect Travel Companion #RBHLuggage #TMOM

IMG_0222As often as I travel, I am always trying to perfect my packing technique.  Traveling as a family of 6 is a feat until itself and we’re still trying to find the perfect balance between checked in luggage and carry on.  One thing that we have settled on is always having one airline approved carry on roller and more specifically a spinner.  I will put everything in there, including my purse.  Being able to roll it easily is a major plus when running through an airport with 4 kids in tow and often one is in my arms while doing so.  I recently discovered that not all spinners are created equal and until you’ve experienced the Roxbury 2.0 by Ricardo Beverly Hills, you won’t know what you were missing.

  1. Durability – Not only is it a looker, I love that is it made of high-impact and super light-weight Makrolon® polycarbonate, you know the stuff made famous by Apple.  Many other companies use cheaper versions of plastic that aren’t as durable.  For me that is a majorly important factor as I am often carrying my laptop, DSLR and other precious cargo.  It even has corner armor which provides added protection at critical stress points. When one of my children wants to “help” pull or push the luggage, I don’t have to worry about them bumping walls, partitions or even, true story *cringe*, toppling down an escalator.  My carry-on carries my most precious of cargo (aside from my children) that I need to keep with me at all times. It even withstood my children jumping up and down on it and one that thought it was the perfect seat for himself.
  2. IMG_0501Built-in TSA compliant combination lock – I ran around the house searching for a lock recently for another unnamed brand luggage and had to steal one off another piece of luggage.  I know soon I’ll be searching for a lock that that piece too. Built-in is just awesome and customizing your personal code is a breeze!
  3.  Split-book style – …offers two different ways of compartmentalizing and organizing which totally appeals to my need for perfect packing. One size is a complete zippered up system which actually holds a handy loop for 2-3 suits  or other items with a built-in padded tie down strap to keep them wrinkle free.  It was actually perfect for neatly stowing away fragiles on a recent trip.  The other side is a adjustable buckle system to hold items in securely during transport.  Right smack in the middle is a smaller zippered pocket perfect for things you don’t want flying around or just holding smaller things you don’t want to get lost like swim googles, ear plugs, house keys.
  4. IMG_0499Expandability – Let’s be honest, I could always use a “little” extra room, for you know, souvenirs and stuff.  A quick unzip around and I’ve added some much needed space without compromising on protection.
  5. Add-A-Bag Strap – You know, for the additional things you pick up while waiting for your flight to board. *guiltily hanging my head*

IMG_0400I am absolutely in love with the Roxbury 2.0. It was definitely designed by someone who knows how to travel.  Also thoughtfully included was a 1 quart bag, the exact size TSA allows for carrying small liquids. In the instances when you might actually have to pick it up, I have to say the handles on this baby is super comfy, made of some sort of soft cushion gel like padding.  All I could do was say Ahhhh! This Traveling Mom has finally perfected on portion of her travels!

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{ disclosure: I was gifted a Roxbury 2.0 21″ 4W Spinner WheelAboard for review.  I fell in love with it and just wanted to share this incredible find and deal with everyone! As always all opinions expressed here are my very own! }