3 Reasons to Switch to Verizon Edge Now

I’ll admit it took a bit of a learning curve to understand the Verizon Edge program.  Being ever the addict to the latest gadget, I’ve been so use incessantly checking when I am due for an upgrade (every 2 years) or even taking another phone on my account’s upgrade for my own use. But I’ve hit a wall.  Recently my mother-in-law, under going chemo and radiation therapy damaged her phone and needed a new one ASAP. Not just any phone, an iPhone. You see her primary language is Chinese and iPhones are the most language friendly phones on the market (correct me if I’m wrong please).  She is able to finger write in Chinese with ease on an iPhone, so it had to be an iPhone. All the phones on my account, including hers, was recently upgraded in the last year.  I had to note, never just to whimsically upgrade any phones on my account again and never at the same time again.  What ever it may be, it required a lot of calculation and timing, and simply it made my head hurt.

A lovely Verizon Wireless representative kindly suggested I check out the Edge program, and surprisingly while my phone was recently purchased on the Edge program, I didn’t fully understand it, other than I was told I was getting a really great deal. Here’s why:

  1. You still get UNLIMITED Talk & Text as well as personal hotspot for your wifi enable devices at no extra cost.
  2. A savings of up to $25 per line access on Verizon Edge (compared to $40 per smartphone line access on More Everything)
  3. As of May 31st, on the Verizon Edge program, once you pay off a phone in full, the phone is yours to KEEP and you can upgrade your phone right away with no penalty.


So if you’re comparing apples to apples, you’re paying about the same amount for the phone on either plan, but depending on the phone you get, your monthly bill may be significantly cheaper and the Verizon Edge program gives you the flexibility to determine when it’s time for your next upgrade!

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I receive no compensation for my post, no discount on my service, I pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s so much MORE to love! To see more posts like this, follow #VZWBuzz }