Speed Check #LifeOnFiOS

PART_1413217152388_IMG_2019When we first got FiOS, many many years ago, wireless connections was still relatively new.  It never crossed your mind to think that you had a limit on how many devices can share your access or that the amount might effect the quality of your access.  Over the years the amount of devices that my family connects to our wireless router has grown leaps and bounds.  From 1-2 computers directly connected to the router to now having our cellphones, tablets, desktops and even gaming devices connected wirelessly.  We never had a problem or complaint about our FiOS internet until recently.  We had become so accustomed to the super fast speed that when streaming videos start choking and downloads seem to take longer and longer, there were many unhappy campers in the house.  Right away I knew it could not be our FiOS internet service.  After all we had just done a complete overhaul and upgrade of our system with a new updated router and higher internet speed plan, the fastest 75/75mbps.

The first thing I did was visit the Verizon Support page at: http://www.verizon.com/Support/Residential/Internet/fiosinternet.htm.  Packed full of helpful information include the question of the hour, Slow connection issues.  Following a few simple steps, I quickly got to the root of our problem.

  • photo 3http://my.verizon.com/services/speedtest/ – for this, they ask you to connect directly to the router. I also like to follow up with testing on a wireless connection too.
  • If the drag is noticed on your computer, you can use the FiOS Speed Optimizer tool to ensure your computer is optimized for FiOS.
  • Another check I like to do is login to my FiOS router and see exactly how many devices are connected to my router.  By logging into your router, you can see how many are actively sharing the connection at that time, as well as how many have access (assigned IP addresses).   I thought we might have about 15 devices and then realized it was more like 25 devices that access our wireless, often as many as 10 at a time which can definitely effect speed.
  • Another possible issues can be the quality of your connection. If your computer signal seems week (less than half the bars), you many want to move somewhere else, or if you can’t, you may need a wireless router extender.  Often the culprit is structure issues like concrete walls.
  • Look for possible sources of interference.  It was most frustrating recently after a complete overhaul of our system, a new faster router and a wireless router extender purchased, that we still couldn’t seem to stream a movie without a lot of breaks.  The husband one day decided to shut off the baby monitor which I had placed in our new playroom so I could monitor the kids while taking care of house chores.  Immediately we no longer had an issue with freezing or reset streaming of some of our favorite shows.  Things like microwaves and cordless phones, often share the same wireless pathway as well.
  • If all else fails, or you can’t figure it out, give those lovely people at Verizon a call and they will happily assist you.

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I currently pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s so much MORE to love!  }



login to my FiOS router