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789With its fast-food casual vibe, and it’s freshly made dishes, Noodles & Company is a fantastic option for a relaxing and enjoyable meal. Situated in a prime location in Westbury Plaza, Noodles and Company was the perfect place for us to host a wine paring for some of our most loyal readers this month. We ladies were treated to a VIP experience that left everyone craving more. While I had previously visited a Noodles and Company on multiple occasions (see  date night experience – http://momconfessionals.com/2014/09/date-night-with-noodles-company/) this experience showed me a whole new side of what they had to offer.
Upon arrival, my guests and I were greeted by Scott, the General Manager, who was professional, gracious, warm, and inviting from the minute we walked in (Not only with us, but noticeably to every patron he walked by while we were there). While, typically, you stand in line and order your freshly prepared meal and then take a number and a seat, we were seated right away, as our VIP experience was a tasting and wine pairing hosted by the restaurant.
We began with unlimited drinks along with red and white wine options. I was surprised to learn that not only does one of my favorite bands (Dave Matthews Band) make wine, but it is actually really good! 787 - CopyOur first course was flat bread, one called “fig & pig” which was savory, full of flavor, and made from all of the freshest ingredients that make Noodles & Company live up to its reputation. There was also the Margarita Flat bread, which combined fresh tomatoes, feta and Parmesan cheeses, and whole leaf basil on a warm, toasted flat bread. We were told this started as a summer favorite that was in such high demand (understandably so) that it became a permanent item on the menu. We then got to enjoy several signature noodle dishes such as the Whole Grain Tuscan Fresca which is a ‘healthy’ option of whole grain linguine with balsamic olive oil, white wine and roasted garlic, red onion, tomato a, spinach and feat or fresh grated parm. 788At only 600 calories, it is easy not to feel guilty while enjoying this dish. While not a huge fan of curry dishes, per say, I was helping myself to seconds of the Bangkok Curry which is made with over 50 spices and has a sauce that you’ll want to savor every drop of – so have some extra bread handy!
Most of our readers were talking about the Penne Rosa, which is a spicy tomato cream sauce, penne pasta, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, wine, and feta (or parmigiana). I must emphasize that Noodles and Company will make any dish according to your specifications, so you will not be disappointed in whatever you decide to eat (or drink) when you visit.
My readers and I may have had an official VIP experience with Noodles and Company, but this is not why I continue to rave about the place. This restaurant will have you feeling as though you were cooking in your own kitchen, with nothing but the freshest of ingredients. You will leave having had a meal that has satisfied your cravings and set your culinary palette in overdrive. Best of all, Noodles and Company caters to everyone. Whether you have just finished a long day of shopping, want a nice dinner out with the family, or you are simply looking for a good meal, good drinks, and good company, Noodles and Company has what you need.

Some of our readers enjoying their meals.
Some of our readers enjoying their meals.

(Did I mention that Noodles and Company now has catering?!? Whether you’re looking to serve 20 people or 100 people, Noodles & Company is sure to have something for everyone).


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