Clashing with Clash of Clans #COC

cocThe hottest new game/app that’s taking over is Clash of Clans.  Out of no where it is replacing Candy Crush as the new addiction.  I have refused and turned down countless invites, as if I don’t have enough on my plate, to get sucked into these time sucking vortexes.  Alas I don’t judge those who do play although when my husband began, I  raised my eyebrows but kept my mouth shut.  He is entitled to choose his type of fun of course.  When my 10 year old joined his clan and was being taught by him how to play the game, I found it endearing and sweet since most interactions with him resulted in a lot of yelling.  I could live with less shouting.

My husband shares little comments here and there about the game and I just nod my head and smile.  Laugh at the absurdity that some of the members of his clan spend real money on this game and not so subtle mention, let my husband know he should definitely not be one of them.   But last night he mentioned that they wanted to kick my 10 year old out of the clan for being annoying and I was about to go momma bear on them.  Granted I know nothing about the game or how it is played.  I do not want to know either and like to keep it that way.  But there is something seriously wrong when a bunch of grown men who are playing this game with young children, think it is appropriate to bully a child with the threat of kicking him out if he doesn’t stop being annoying.  He is supposedly asking for things that are out of his realm??!  I don’t understand, but I kept reiterating, do they know he is 10 years old?! My husband was staunch in his response that yes they know and there are many other children playing in this game and the leader or founder of the clan was a little embarrassed to call him and tell him.  As he should be I shouted.  He needs to check himself.  I don’t care how obsessed you are with the game, but it’s a GAME.  There is a whole world outside of it, the living world and bullying a 10 year old is disgraceful.  You can bet that I gave my husband an earful about even participating in this.  I was livid that he actually told my 10 year old to behave in a FREAKIN game! He was being the bully!

I haven’t had a chance to speak with my 10 year old but what would be the appropriate action for this?  I want to tell him and my husband to quit the clan but they love playing.  Am I blowing it out of proportion?  I think a game is just a game and especially when playing with young children, the adults should be setting an example of good sportsmanship and this to me is nothing less than bullying.