A Day in the Life of Me #GDNY #MNOMovie

Imagine my shock when I was contacted a few days ago by Good Day NY to appear on their Mother’s Day segment… as a Mom Blogger.  WHAT?!   I actually thought I would have to say no since it was Grandparent’s Day at my kids’ school and I was really excited for this special day for them and their grandparents.  I had it, as always, well planned to the minute.  Drive the grandparents to school, grab breakfast, grocery shop and then pick them up, ending with a nice family lunch.  There was no time for a TV appearance. I thought, oh well, next time but my husband said to me, you have to do it and with Mom hat on, I found a way. So here is myself, Sarah Fader of OldSchoolNewSchoolMom.com and Shari Simpson of MommyPoppins.com and our 5 seconds of fame on Good Day NY!

New York News

Oh and did I get to mention I got to meet Sarah Drew?  Yes the April Kepner!!! You know how I love my Grey’s Anatomy!  She’s plays ME in her new movie Mom’s Night Out, a super busy mommy blogger, how cool is that?!  It opens in theaters nationwide today!



and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t get my celeb close-up…