Spreading Seeds of Kindness with Lollipop Seeds

Lolli{ disclosure: I received a review copy of Lollipop Seeds that Spout for Kind Deeds and no other compensation. The idea of sprouting kindness in my own children is a tradition I wanted to grow. }

Growing up my family had very few traditions that we kept.  Along with that comes a deep sadness that I have nothing to pass onto my children… or so I thought.  My aunt, who knows my childhood well, has been helping me create traditions and memories for my children, because she believes that I can change the course of my children’s history with little things like Lollipop Seeds.  It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hoopla of different holidays… Santa coming down the chimney or the Easter Bunny.  The true significance and meaning behind these holidays have long been lost, even on me.  Heck, ask me if I even know when Easter is this year?  Not a clue!  Only that last year, it was definitely the weekend before April 1st, the day Luca made his arrival.  Way to go Mom!  We never really paid any mind to why we do these things or what the significance of them are, whether they are symbolic or metaphorically speaking because we are blinded by at least creating memories and traditions.

What if we can instill something more than that?  Building children of character has become my husband and my personal goals instead of success and wealth.  While my children are very familiar with my own sharing of kindness and can often be heard telling others, “just ask my mom, she’s always giving things away” or volunteering my services because they know, if I could, I would.   What I had hoped is that this would in turn transform them into people who share kindness with others, and  I realized that isn’t the case.   Their perspective on holidays have become all about what they are getting and nothing at all about giving which makes me incredibly sad.  Aside from them seeing their mom sharing kindness with others, I’d love to see them sharing acts of kindness themselves.  I recently stumbled upon the tradition of Lollipop Seeds and according to legend, the tradition of Lollipop Seeds goes back hundreds of years. Prior to Easter, children are encouraged to do something special for someone they love,  an act of kindness. On the night before Easter, they toss the seeds, brought by the Easter Bunny, in the grass, make a wish for someone special, then place a marker by the seeds. When they wake on Easter morning, Lollipops will have sprouted, not by water or sun, but by their acts of kindness instead.  I found this idea and new tradition to be so much sweeter than an Easter egg hunt, and a great lesson that my children could definitely learn all year round culminating in the sprouting of Lollipops at Easter.

Each Lollipop Seeds Kit comes with two seed packets, markers and a beautifully illustrated keepsake book.  www.lollipop-seeds.com.  Here’s to new family traditions and acts of kindness all year ’round!  How do you teach your children about kindness?