Review: Urbo, Steel Wonder

Hubby's favorite ride.We love the Mamas and Papas Urbo stroller.  Not only is it a complete looker, it is as functional as it is stylish.  This is a stroller that really appeals to Dads, case in point, my husband who loves to push this pram around.  There is so much to love about the Urbo.  At first glance, what might surprise you is how incredibly light weight this stroller is.  The secret is the aluminum chassis which looks like really heavy steel, but isn’t.  Considering the amount of strollers I have road-tested, trust me when I say, this is a light-weight system stroller.  Not only does it have a reversible seat, you can also install a purchased separately, bassinet or car seat.

IMG_20131031_120044647_HDROne of the things I have come to expect from European products in origin is quality and the Urbo does not disappoint.  The seat is made of a beautiful soft and plush material. The detailing on the Urbo is impeccable, from the modern seat stitching to the leatherette handle bars. They even thoughtfully included a little toy hook in the canopy which may seem like such an inconsequential thing, but in light of my 3rd child, it was a must for my child who loves to play with toys.   The clever little magnets that hold close the viewing panel in the canopy is also a lovely touch.  The most spectacular thing about the Urbo is the price.  At a MSRP of $599, this stroller rivals those that cost a lot more.
What We Love
  • A super generous sun canopy with clever magnetic viewing panel
  • One button recline adjustment and can FULLY recline
  • Reversible seat switches from mom facing to outward facing.
  • The adjustable foot rest is great for the full recline
  • How easy it is to recline, reverse the seating, and collapse the stroller.
Things to Consider
  • The one thing I would definitely change perhaps is adding a larger basket.
  • Also the seat sits a little too low on the basket, perhaps a little height would have been nice too.
  • Adjusting the handle bar height. while completely customizable to any height, it is a two handed effort to make the change.
  • Oddly enough, while I’m sure not endorsed, I was disappointed I didn’t have any real foot leverage to tilt the stroller when going down a small step or going up a sidewalk.

{ disclosure :  Upon request, I received a sample of the Mamas & Papas Urbo stroller to review.  No compensation was received for this post.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }

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