REVIEW: 4moms mamaRoo

IMG_0755The 4moms mamaRoo is definitely one of its kind, some might even say revolutionary.  Not just by looks but in almost every aspect of its design.  With thousands of moms singing it’s praise, you know I had to check it out.  First things first, It’s so much more than a bouncer or a swing, and you can’t compare it to any bouncer or swing without them all falling (very) short.  So when asked if it’s worth the $200+ price tag, many would swear yes, especially since many swings aren’t much cheaper and well… only swing.

Our (2) little testers and their moms, simply couldn’t stop singing the praises of the mamaRoo.  Both moms struggled with various newborn issues from colic, to a baby who didn’t know night from day, to a baby who would sleep anywhere else but in someone’s arms to vibrating bouncer hysteria.  If you know these issues personally with your own baby, I can only imagine the stress the induced on the whole family.  The biggest and most valuable feature is the (5) different motions that mimic mom and dad’s natural movement that can be set at (5) different speeds, making for (25) different combinations for even the most challenging and finicky of babies.  Each baby found their favorite setting and speed and gave their moms/families that much needed relief.

Other additional features of the mamaRoo include (5) included nature sounds which can be volume adjusted from the intuitive LCD panel.  Included is a universal 3.5mm headphone jack to MP3 cord which allows you to  use any MP3 player, smartphone, etc., and really personalize the experience for your baby with their favorite lullaby or beat.  They even have a handy little slot that holds your player perfectly.  You can tell this product had a lot of thought behind it.

It is completely adjustable into any position at all — not one, not three, not even five different positions, but any position your baby likes.  Sometimes a fraction of an inch can mean hysteria for a baby or not, and the complete swing of the bar allows for any positional adjustment.  It comes with a mobile and (3) two-sided plush balls – black and white on one side for younger infants and colorful on the other for older infants.  The balls are completely removable and washable as well.

The mamaRoo recently included a more plush fabric option to the line up in addition to the classic. Both fabrics are completely, easily removable via two snaps and zippers off, and machine washable.

Usually I do a pros and cons take when I do a review but really I couldn’t really find any cons for the 4moms mamaRoo.  It is a really well thought out, intuitive product that is two, if not more products in one.  Having purchased multiple bouncers and swings over the years for 3 children, I can definitely say this is a worthy investment.

SAFETY NOTICE:  The mamaRoo should always be sitting on the floor, never elevated on a table or anywhere else and never leave a baby sitting in the seat unattended.  While the mamaRoo does have an obstruction detector, it is best to be safe and supervise at all times, especially with other children in the home.

NOTABLE MENTION: As a L&D nurse, I absolutely love the 4moms cares program which donates, provides discounts and educational programs to support families in need, non-profits, hospitals and students.  Because the mamaRoo is designed to mimic the natural movement of mom and dad, I can imagine it to be very therapeutic and soothing for preemies and full term babies alike.  On their page you can read one of my favorite and very brave mom’s personal story, Jen Rabulan-Bertram of

The mamaRoo is suitable from birth to 25lbs and is available in 6 fabric options – (4) plush ARV $239.99 and (2) classic ARV $199.99.  Additional fabrics can be purchased for $39.99 and an option newborn insert for more snug fit for $29.99.

{disclaimer:  A sample was provided for review.  As always, like it or not, all opinions expressed here are our very own. }


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  • jenrab

    Thanks for the mention. I can’t say enough great things about the mamaRoo and 4moms as a whole. Ultimately, the mamaRoo was one of the most vital baby products for surviving our guy’s first year…which I’m sure you’ll find out the same for your upcoming arrival! xo

  • annie

    I want to know if any of the moms that have used the mammarooo from day one, if they noticed their baby is not able to fall asleep on her/his own after they out grow the mamaroo. the weight is not the only issue when they out grow it do to length at 8 months old, it is like a culture shock when they loose that wonderful sleep motion they had for the 1st many months of their lives.
    just curious if any one has seen this or has any suggestions for the transition period, I have started using the stroller to comfort with that motion to replace the mammarooo motion.
    thank you for sharing


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