PREGNANCY DIARY: Large and in Charge #FYF

seraphine1.png One thing I learned this pregnancy was that being pregnant, didn’t mean I had to surrender myself to the frump as I had done in previous pregnancies.  Maternity fashion has definitely come a long way and doesn’t have to break the bank either.  I still cringe remembering the $195 True Religion pregnancy jeans I just had to have and only wore twice.

seraphine2.pngOne of my favorite brands I discovered this pregnancy is Seraphine Maternity, from the UK and now available here state side.  While my brains been a little fuzzy with putting together outfits that don’t make the fashion police cringe, they have a gorgeous website filled with styled looks for every occasion you may encounter during your pregnancy.What I love most is that many of the pieces works post-pregnancy as well.  One of my absolutely favorite pieces is their Front Knot Dress ($71).  It is a classic look that flatters every figure including my now really bulging belly and huge boobs.  A staple I don’t know how I lived without is their seamless leggings ($28).  I lived in leggings pre-pregnancy and it’s one of my go-to sleek and slimming looks.  A beautifully generous cut opaque legging that goes over the belly. No more tight bands cutting into my definitely non-existent waistline. It’s second skin comfort no pregnant women should live without.

seraphine3.pngSince life doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant, if a fancy soiree happens to be on the calendar, Seraphine Maternity has a jaw-dropping LUXE line that makes any mama just glow. How gorgeous is this dress to the left?  Wouldn’t it be perfect for Easter? And coming soon is a fabulously styled photoshoot with Seraphine Maternity so you can see this frumpy mom turn into a  pregnancy stunner.  Right now their entire Summer 2013 collection is 20% OFF! Run!

belabumbumBeing on bed rest means I spend a lot of time in bed, and fighting off that frumpy feeling is a daily battle.  Luckily the wonderful team at Belabumbum makes absolutely gorgeous, not mention comfortable sleepwear I want to show off everywhere.  They really helped to brighten up my many days in bed.  In fact I am definitely packing Belabumbum in my hospital bag. They make gorgeous gowns that double as nursing gowns, like this Dottie Kimono dress (which I am obsessed with!) while leaving me presentable for guests and all those photos I will be taking.  This is my MUST HAVE item in the hospital bag.  Whether you’re a vaginal delivery or cesarean, this dress is perfect for providing breastfeeding access and all those pesky routine checks by the doctors and nurses.  You can’t have enough of their nursing dresses.

bela2 Another MUST HAVE is the Colette Ruffle Robe.  So light and comfortable while providing additional coverage if you need it, the perfect length without collecting all those germs.

Since I’ll be in the hospital for a repeat c-section with their mandatory 3 to 4 day hospital stay, I’ll be making myself quite comfortable while I’m there.  Another favorite piece of mine that has staid the test of time is my collection of Bravado Essential Nursing Tanks.  Through all my pregnancies it has been my staple nursing piece (almost 6 years total!).  While there is definitely a place for a nursing bra, I loved the comfort and privacy a nursing tank allows.  Doubling as a tank top I can proudly wear outside, it has a discreet opening that allows me to nurse anytime without baring more than I want to.  By day 3 I’ll be telling the staff to leave me alone and I’ll be rockin my nursing tank and a comfy pair of lounge pants, breastfeeding like a champ… Yep, that’s the plan!   Bravado just introduced the body silk seamless nursing bra I’m dying to try out — who doesn’t love a bra that molds to you!

So if you’re feeling like a bit of a pregnant frump… check out these fine retailers and boost your mood!

XOXO and that’s your Finding Yourself Friday tip!

{ disclosure: Samples were provided for review, many were self purchased as well.  I’m a self-professed shopaholic who has documented her shopping sprees across many social media platforms.  My husband would love to find the person who invented internet shopping and strangle them.  As always, the opinions expressed here on this blog, are ALWAYS my own.  }