Food Myths Debunked!

Over the years we have all heard advice related to food safety and preparation, much of it from word of mouth, or a simple Google search online. But how much of what we hear and read is actually true?  I was actually surprised to find, I was wrong on many counts too!  With food poisoning on the rise each year, resulting in many trips to the emergency room, much of which can be prevented with 4 very simple steps in mind.  I couldn’t believe how careless I’ve been with food preparation.  Did you know that microwaving doesn’t kill all the bacteria?  I did know it doesn’t always cook evenly but I assumed it was at such a high heat, it pretty much killed everything… My mind is blown.  With September being National Food Safety Education Month, read this lovely infographic below and get educated!

Were you shocked too?  For more information on Food Safety visit: and

  • I didn’t know that raw foods could be safely refrozen. Good to know!

  • Dr. Kevin Williams dismisses the notion that problems only have a negative impact.
    “Problems are opportunities for you to think differently,” he told me during an interview. “Look at inventions; they derive from problems and the quest for solutions. The person who’s trying to get past it is the one who will be innovative.”
    His empathy for others formed as a child during the civil rights struggle of the ’60s when the Ku Klux Klan erected a cross on his parents’ lawn.
    “My parents moved into an all-white neighborhood and one day the Klan came, erected a cross in our yard, and set fire to it. The National Guard had to come disperse the crowd.”
    That event deepened Kevin’s desire to enter the ministry and today he is a pastor in both Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina. Also a noted author, Kevin has earned the respect of those he counsels in ministry to singles and counseling across a spectrum of life issues.

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    Thought you might also be interested in the upcoming Food Myth Busters film/project:

    I don’t work with them but after seeing your post, thought to share.