SPOTTED: Samsung “Smart” Fridge

At the launch of the Samsung LCD Refrigerator with apps, Vanessa Williams and Tim Baxter, president of the Consumer Business Division, Samsung Electronics America, check the weather in Greece hours before Williams boards a plane to Athens. Tuesday, June 21, 2011 in New York. Photo by Samsung.

Samsung Electronics  just launched their first-of-its-kind LCD Refrigerator with apps.  We were on hand as Vanessa Williams, star of Desperate Housewives, introduced use to it’s full functionality.

“I’m a busy working mom with four kids and I juggle a lot on a daily basis.  With so much going on, it’s important for me to stay as organized and connected as possible,” said Vanessa Williams.  “What I really like about Samsung’s refrigerator is that all of the apps I need are loaded into one LCD screen.  Whether I want to leave a note, check the weather, or figure out what’s for dinner, this fridge organizes it all for me.”

Welcome to the Jetson’s Era, Samsung’s refrigerator includes apps and features that are all created to help today’s busy families on a gorgeous 8″ screen.

Features include:

  • Hundreds of delicious recipes from Epicurious, to help make dinner and entertaining easier and more interesting.  Just check off a list of available ingredients and Epicurious will put together a list of possible recipes.  Missing a few things for your favorite dish, just add the missing ingredients to your shopping list.
  • Easy-to-use organizational tools, via Google Calendar, to keep track of all of the activities of the house
  • Check out the weather before you head out with Weatherbug.  Will it be snow boots or galoshes today?
  • A convenient notepad application for leaving notes and keeping in touch with family
  • A new way to add enjoyment, ambience, and your favorite personalized music and comedy to the kitchen with Pandora®
  • Family photos at your fingertips with Picasa Web Albums
  • The latest updates AP News to keep connected with the world outside

We’re particularly in love with all the Google integrations.  There’s nothing I hate more than programs that can’t work together.   Now that I’ve finally got my iPhone working with Google’s Gmail, calendar and contacts seamlessly, the integration makes it all the more appealing. 

Samsung’s LCD Refrigerator with apps brings convenience right where mom needs it the most, the kitchen.  According to research conducted by Samsung, 59% of consumers consider the kitchen the center of family life and activity, us included.  While 42% use their refrigerators to post things like notes, phone numbers, schedules and appointments.  The other 58% must own stainless steels ones like we do and want to stick things all over, but can’t!  It can be quite frustrating.  To this day, our family still doesn’t have a place to leave notes for one another, grocery lists, etc.,  So often these messages get lost.  The refrigerator is stationary and can provide a central point of organization for the home.

Samsung’s long history of leadership and innovation is also reflected in other food storage and organizational features  incorporated into the refrigerator, including the Twin Cooling Plus System® which helps keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer by using separate cooling systems in the fridge and freezer to maintain ideal humidity; a FlexZone™  counter-height drawer with four temperature controls and flexible divider to house various food items and is also the perfect height for kids to grab and get their favorite snacks; and special insulation technology resulting in an extra 4 cu. ft. of storage space versus conventional refrigerators.  The husband was particularly keen on the door alarm which alerts when the door is left ajar — gotta protect his food!  Oh the Jetson’s would be proud!

The Samsung LCD Refrigerator with apps is available at national retailers including Lowe’s and Best Buy for an MSRP starting at $3,499.99 for the 4-Door French Door model (RF4289) and $2,699.99 for the Side-by-Side model (RSG309).


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  • Marie

    Seriously, why can’t we stick things on our fridges anymore. They take away all the fun!

  • Lauren

    That is pretty cool. I wonder if allows several google calendars or only one main family one.

  • Gina

    Cool, but who’s going to teach mom how to use it?

  • Beth Fetz

    Wow Pandora on your fridge, that’s nice!

  • Kara

    Google is taking over the world!!!!

  • Rich

    So what’s the specs on the speakers for this smart fridge?

  • Julie

    Can it make my coffee too?


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