SPOTTED: Inflatable Car Seat, I kid not… or maybe I do?

I’ve seen inflatable booster seats for meals but I have never seen an inflatable car seat before.  It’s actually a booster seat, but that’s a minor detail.  This EU and USA certified booster seat is completely safe according to the manufacturer!  It weights approximately 1.5 lbs and comes with a handy carry case.  It is made from the same material as inflatable boats and is incredibly durable.  It boasts a less than 1 minute inflation time and has a customizable seat belt height adjuster for children weighing 33 – 80 lbs.  It can safely be adjusted for use on either sides of the car and can ever be used 3 in a row if you can believe.

I don’t know about you, but the idea is most certainly intriguing!  This is perfect for traveling families and even for young children riding in other people’s cars.  It’s compact enough to fit under your stroller, or in your diaper bag and easy for hand off to anyone who may be giving your child a ride.

Available in Navy Blue, Wine Red and Easy Orange for approximately $87 USD at

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  • HEY! Thanks for stopping by!

    An inflatable car seat…. hmmmm…… I don’t know that I would be one of the testers on this….. 🙂

  • What will they think of next!!

  • Jo

    Well, it is intended as a secondary car seat when there is nothing else available.
    I suppose it is better then no booster at all.


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