Conned by a 3 and a half year old.

As I was nursing the infant late one night I realized that the toddler was still up.

I turned to the husband and asked, “why is [toddler] still up?”

He says to me ever so proudly, “She wanted to read a book.”

Without batting an eye, I turn to him again and said, “But she doesn’t know how to read.”

His response, “Oh.”


About Suzanne Chan

Suzanne is student, daughter, wife, (labor & delivery) certified registered nurse, certified lactation counselor, friend, entrepreneur and blogger – but the job she's most proud of is mother… She shares her journey on this blog and The Disney Files. Read more about her here.

  • LMAO. You have to gove her credit for being creative…and one step ahead of her dad

  • Oh man! She got him good 🙂 LOL!


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