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The other day I was invited to take a tour of the Marcal Factory and what a treat it was.  I learned that Marcal is no ordinary paper goods company.  Despite our attempts at reducing our paper product dependency, we’ve got basket fulls of cloth towels which we use and wash weekly, and my recently potty trained daughter’s inability to adhere to my 3-sheet rule, we still buy paper towels and toilet paper in bulk.  I have to admit out of my own green shame with my family excessive use of paper goods products I rarely look beyond the price tag associated with my choices.  While Marcal’s re-branding of their name to Marcal Small Steps, they have always been an “Earth-Friendly Paper Goods Company”, in fact since the 1950’s.  I was shocked to find out that only 2% of the products on the shelves are made from recycled paper – let me say it again – ONLY 2%! I got to see first hand the entire process from start to finish as Marcal Small Steps Paper products were being manufactured.  A major carbon footprint reducing effort, they collect paper recycling from their 600 mile radius neighborhood, turning our trash into completely reusable paper products.  They are always looking for ways to be greener, more efficient (can we say six sigma!) and cost effective.

I was not only impressed with their manufacturing and finished products but I also applauded just how many women were in executive positions at this company.  A smart move as most moms and women make the paper goods choices in their households.  In addition, they have a strong commitment to educating the public about recycling through efforts such as lesson plans for teachers of various grade levels and functions like a tree saving calculator, all of which can be found on their website under the LEARN tab.

To understand the impact of using recycled paper products they have figured out that if each household replaced one package of traditional toilet paper with Marcal Small Steps, together we could help save a million trees!  I will definitely be switching my paper goods choices to Marcal Small Steps.  A smart consumer is an educated consumer – Marcal, you’ve got me hooked!  In my house we applaud all efforts to going green.  We’re no hippy tree hugging family but we like to take “small steps” in the right direction and hopefully make a big impact.  For more information, please check out their brand new website at: www.marcalpaper.com

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  • Sally

    Marcal is the biggest air and water polluter in the state of New Jersey. They have been fined almost a billion dollars by the EPA, and do much more harm than good. They filed Chapter 11 to avoid paying for the clean up, and also used it as an opportunity to break their union contract. Nice guys, huh? Then when they emerged from bankruptcy, they painted themselves green. For them to claim to be a green, eco-friendly company is a joke, as well as a lie.

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  • Jennifer D

    I somehow think this equals NOT soft tissue. Do you think otherwise?

  • All of us at Marcal welcome valid criticism and open discussion on blogs (and everywhere), but we want you to know that this post from “Sally” also known as “Jackie” “Hank” “Henry” “Nick” and “Jenny” (clearly the same cut and paste response based on each posts similarity to past unfair critiques) leaves comments like the one here anytime he or she sees something written about us…and leaves them anonymously or from a variety of different names, so there is no way we can get in touch and set the facts straight. The phrases used are always very similar, the kind of pattern that almost shouts, ”spam campaign.” This kind of nameless attack isn’t in the open spirit of blogs, and we think it’s a disservice to readers and to our hard-earned reputation. The simple fact is that we make our products in a manufacturing system designed to minimize our environmental impact. We invite the person making these attacks to come pay us a visit; we have noting to hide! We think our actions speak for themselves; otherwise, why would a group like the NRDC cite our factory in a discussion of companies leading the way environmentally in the New York metro area? (http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/egoldstein/green_apples_and_bad_apples…). Marcal didn’t recently “paint itself green.” We’ve been using recycled paper since 1950, long before green was in. As for the lawsuit, it was settled with no admission of wrong doing, enabling the company to emerge from bankruptcy to protect and grow jobs under a new owner and management team that understands that, if you are going to market yourself as green, you better do things right. Are we perfect? Of course not, but we are always striving to be better. We invite anyone with questions about our practices to contact us at ecofacts@marcal.com

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