I confess

  • I started drooling in my sleep… must be deep sleeping induced
  • I just learned you can throw up through your nose… wow!  Not Me, my son!
  • I joined the mile high club… I pumped at 10,000+ feet!
  • I want to get in bikini shape by May but have only done 2 days of the 30 day Shred… and I know that’s not how it works.
  • I am not embarrassed walking out of the house with my hair a mess and no make up on… but when my eyebrows are not neatly groomed… I want to hide in a closet.
  • I am terrible with finances — it’s amazing my husband doesn’t divorce me just on that one reason.
  • There is more junk food in my house than real food… that I would actually eat.
  • I have already planned my DD’s birthday party and have the invitations already printed, addressed and stamped.  Her birthday isn’t until the end of June.
  • I do a pretty good impression of being organized.
  • I do think my life would be a whole lot easier if I was a millionaire… okay more like a billionaire.
  • I managed to get assist with our child support circumstance over at http://www.childsupporthell.com/community , they have a awesome thing going on by aiming to guide those that cannot guide themselves with this screwed up child support process that we have now-a-days. I declare some thing should be done about it and if anyone is to acheive it, childsupporthell.com will

    • if you have to convince your panters to get it for you, you must not evan be old enough to play it. wait till your 17 and buy it yourselfWas this answer helpful?