Simplify My Life Please!

As a mother of 2 – a two and half year old and most recently a newborn, nothing needs more simplifying than my life.  Between juggling my blog, tweeting, running my online store, going to nursing school all the while juggling the family’s complicated calendar, nursing what seems like 24/7 and making sure my toddler doesn’t feel neglected, my life is chaos.  Always trying to juggle way too many things at once, this laptop would come in handy when I need to study most.  That can  be anywhere, anytime — while the DH is in the grocery store picking up the weeks food needs, I can be found with my microbiology book and notes in hand.  While I’m nursing or washing the dishes, I’ve got my textbooks on audio being read to me aloud.  What an amazing thing it would be to have this gorgeous, portable laptop with me to take practice quizzes on the road as DH drives us to run errands, catching a wi-fi connection, checking on my class discussion boards, replying to tweets and processing inventory and orders all at once.  In those rare moments when I’m able to go to the library and get some intensive studying done, I will no longer have to wait in line to use the library computers at 30 minute intervals.  I can take advantage of their free wi-fi and let another person have a chance at the library computers.

Although I can be found with hubby’s work issued (yikes!) laptop at all hours of the night and day, in the nursery on facebook, catching up on emails with friends with one hand and nursing with the other.  It’s quite a skill I tell you and the only way I get to stay connected at the moment.  Being the digital person that I am, a computer in every room would be a dream, although not very green I know.  With my computers all around me dying some sort of death (age-related I assure you, not because I’m computer incompetent, although Windows 7 promises to be for those people as well), having an HP Mini 110-1100 by Studio Tord Boontje would be the perfect solution!  Not only is it small enough and light enough (at 2.35 lbs) for me to tote from room to room, I can even pack it in the diaper bag for those on-the-road – okay more like trips to the doctor’s, grocery store etc., – tweets and blog entries.  A sucker for designer items, it has a unique HP Imprint 3D of endangered animals overlaying Studio Tord Boontje recognizable flower and lace design.  It appeals to the eco-friendlier side of me with its 10.1 inch mercury-free LED backlit display for higher energy efficiency.  In addition all its packaging and user guides are printed on 100% recycled paper with soy ink.  It touts handy features like HP QuickSync along with Microsoft’s new Windows 7 OS with features like Jumplists, Shake, Snap, and Pin to make organizing even easier.

Enter to win one of (3) HP Mini 110-1100 by Studio Tord Boontje PCs simply by leaving a comment on this post and Mom Bloggers Club will randomly select a winner from all comment posted regarding the HP Simplify My Life Sweepstakes.  Deadline for entries is January 20, 2010 at midnight ET.  Reader winners will be randomly drawn using and will be based on the order in which bloggers (like me) enter the sweepstakes and post on Twitter. Winners will be announced on Friday, January 29, 2010. For additional chances to win, visit

About Suzanne Chan

Suzanne is student, daughter, wife, (labor & delivery) certified registered nurse, certified lactation counselor, friend, entrepreneur and blogger – but the job she's most proud of is mother… She shares her journey on this blog and The Disney Files. Read more about her here.

  • Lydia

    Good luck, you sound very busy! I do a lot of traveling and use a friend’s extra laptop while I’m on the road. It would be great if I didn’t have to use his and didn’t have to carry such a big thing through airport security!

  • vickicelebrateshome

    My laptop is 10 years old. Wow! I just now realized that too. It’s really not very functional anymore. There is so much stuff on it and I can’t even remove half of it because I can’t figure out how. I got to inherit my hubby’s old laptop when he bought a new one for himself. So I am still running Windows XP nd I hear that it’s not going to be supported much longer….

  • cwf

    Something this small would be really convenient for me since I need a computer for work and it is light enough to take on the bus which I use to commute every day. I could check e-mails & bills on my commute. My old laptop was actually stolen recently so I would love a new one! Good luck!

  • I really need this! I homeschool my kids and work several work-from-home jobs and blog so it would be so much easier to do if I could be mobile and not tied to my home computer!


    This would be a perfect present for myself. I really need something to keep up our hectic schedules and try to stay one step in front of the other. Thanks for listening.

  • I would LOVE to win this HP 110 Mini. This would make my life very easy!

  • This sweet little HP mini would be perfect for us. We travel a lot and the big ol’ laptop is a bit cumbersome for our road trips. Good luck to all!


  • Shawn

    This would be a super win!

  • I know all of us Moms can commiserate and appreciate the frazzled moments that make up our lives. This Mini is so cute and compact and just beyond perfect.Good Luck to you!
    This HP 100 Mini netbook would be a blessing to our family, too, as we only have one old desktop to share amongst our family of 7. We rely heavily on spreadsheets, lists,email and schedules, etc. to streamline our day to day activities, and the portability of the HP 100 mini would make it so effortless and stylish. Plus, mobile computing would be perfect to pass the time–when time seemingly stands still–like when waiting in a doctor’s office!

    Good Luck!

  • hj mcnaron

    I’ve wanted a laptop for so long now, and since I’m going back to school next fall I know I’ll have to finally get one. The new netbooks look interesting, but your post here makes me want to look more into the HP mini brand. If I win, though, I’ll get to find out first-hand!
    Love your blog. Thanks for the contest.

  • I would like to have a small computer like this to be able to take anywhere for everyday tasks.

  • It is a beauty isn’t it? And so portable! It would simplify ANY mom’s life!

    Kudos to you, breastfeeding while carrying a laptop around!

    Good Luck!

  • I also have 2 children. I run my own online store and other online business from home. I hope I can have the HP mini too.. it’s absolutely can simplifly my life 🙂

  • Gail

    Hang in there!

  • courtney

    I would love to win this computer so I can let my computer savvy 3 year old use my old one!

  • Meredith

    Oh, the things I could do with a new Mini!! I have a laptop, but store all of my pictures, videos, etc on it, so I won’t let my children anywhere near it, which really upsets them because they would spend all day at if I let them! My oldest daughter was actually graded on her computer skills at school! I feel like I am holding them back by not letting them on my computer, but can’t stomach losing all of my stuff if I do!

  • karen M

    I know a HP Mini would make all the difference with me also, while I am at home or on the go. I can quickly get to my photos and files, take notes, send a letter off to friends, teachers and family, able to work on my scrapbooks while sitting and waiting for the kids at band or dance practice,very lightweight to take with me on the go. I can easily use my calendar and look at our busy schedules. At night I can work on my blog, that really needs to be updated without waking anyone up, I can enjoy a little quiet Mommy Time.
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  • The Tord HP Mini would really make my life simpler by being able to move freely around my home and still be connected to the internet to complete the daily task… emailing, blogging, search for information, etc. It would also be great to take to my many doctor appointments where there are times I have to sit and wait to see my doctor for an hour or more…. I could stay busy and pass the time more quickly by playing games, responding to email, etc. Good luck to you and I!!!!

    prpldy (at) comcast dot net

  • Anne G

    This would make my life a lot simpler, I could work even when I am waiting for my kids to finish piano or dance lessons.

    ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

  • I would like to have a small computer like this to be able to take anywhere for everyday tasks.

  • Debbie R

    I could use this anywhere, anyplace, anytime. So light weight and convenient. I could carry it in my grandma goody bag.

  • The size and weight of the HP Mini 110-1100 would make it perfect for on-the-go computing. I would also be able to easily take it around the house and out to the back yard.

  • Good Luck! I would really like to have something that is just mine to keep up with all the deals, giveaways, blogs, etc.

  • I would really LOVE to simplify my life. This would be perfect for my on the go everyday life.

  • Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! It sounds like you very much need one of these! My main dilemma is that I travel out of state often to care for my Mom who doesn’t have a computer or internet service. So when I’m there I have no access to a computer for up to a few weeks at a time. *eek* Anyway, best of luck to you!

  • Heather

    I need one of these!!

  • Good luck everyone! I would love to have a laptop, too many of us are fighting over one desktop now and it is so hard to be productive when you are counting seconds.

  • I would love to win this to organize my life.
    deanenpr at

  • Great post! I hope we both win! 🙂
    juliesweeps at

  • Wow! I remember when…. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Man my life could use some simplifying! I would love to be able to write my blog posts on the go or during lunch breaks. Now if the HP Mini 110 could help me get my daughter to sleep through the night, I would be in LOVE (even more!)

  • nicole

    wow- i;d love to have a netbook i could take anywehre with me too!

  • Good luck to you. Sounds like you really need one of these. I’d love to win one myself!

  • Good luck to you and us all – I know how much more simple having an HP Mini 110 would make life for us all 🙂

  • Rita Sams

    I would love an HP mini! It would definitely simplify my life!

  • I need one of these!!

  • Yessss, I want to win an HP Mini 110 😉

    Good luck to you and good luck to me 😉

  • Great post! Good luck!

  • winning would be such a blessing! With two under two I will take all the help I can get!

  • Phyllis

    I’ve never owned a laptop before so I wish us both good luck!

  • I would love to win this. It simplify my life so much! Good luck!

  • I entered also. Good luck to both of us. If my post doesn’t win, at least maybe my comment will. 🙂

    (and if this is a duplicate comment, I apologize. Just delete it. I think I posted a comment already but it hasn’t shown up.)

  • Aimee W.

    I am in the process of trying to start my own business and I currently work from home…but I rarely stay in one place with my laptop. As I suffer from degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine – coupled with a heavy laptop – changing my “workspace” throughout the day is NOT an easy task.

    The HP Mini would simplify my life by allowing me to move my computer from place to place on my own…no more bothering the rest of the family! This netbook would be a true lifesaver!

    Thanks so much!

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