EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY #2: Sesame Street’s Being Green & Envirosax Filled Gift Bag

Ava and I are just loving Sesame Street’s Being Green DVD! We wanted to share with you the GREEN message in honor of EARTH DAY by giving away 3 (Three) copies of this newly released DVD. From now until April 22nd leave a comment with your best tip for teaching your child how to be green. Get up to (two) bonus entry if you follow me on twitter @greenbaby_nyc and become a fan on Facebook. ONE winner chosen by me for the best tip and receive an Envirosax Gift bag filled with a copy of Being Green, coupons, toys and other GREEN goodies.

Giveaway only open to those with U.S. addresses. Giveaway begins on Thursday, April 9th and ends on Tuesday April 21, 2009 at 11:59 EST. On April 22, 2009, 3 winners will be selected randomly by to receive a copy of Sesame Street’s Being Green DVD, winners will be notified by e-mail.

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  • CJStewart

    Kids will follow what they see their parents doing. We are green so my sons are green, too. They check everything before they throw it away to see if it can go in the recycle bin. They compost. They choose to avoid artificial colorings and flavorings. They turn off lights. They look for organic ingredients. They conserve water. Because we just matter-of-factly do these things (and more!), it’s not a one-week-a-year event.

  • CJStewart

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  • Carolyn G

    I think the best thing to do is to explain to them the consequences of not being green and then give them specific chores to do like recycling, gardening etc.

  • Carolyn G

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  • Tiffany @ Lattes And Life

    I think it’s important to teach kids to always be mindful of the impact they have on the environment. Using less paper/disposable products….not being wasteful…just always trying to make good choices for the Earth. When you start young it becomes natural to them.

  • Tiffany @ Lattes And Life

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  • Cat@3KidsandUs

    My best tip is to start recycling at home. Kids can get involved in so many ways by helping collect the plastic shopping bags for recycling, crushing soda cans, etc.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  • Cat@3KidsandUs

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  • ~Dagny’s Promise~

    Each of our children have jobs in our home that help us reduce our waste. Every day one rinses and stows recyclables, one collects for the compost, one helps with the line dried laundry and one helps with making cleaners.
    They all are encouraged to come up with creative ideas to reuse items that we no longer need, as well!

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  • Jen @ Eco-Office Gals

    Thanks for commenting and posting the giveaway on Eco-Office Gals! πŸ™‚
    My biggest (or smallest) green milestone this year is making my coffee waste free. I bought a gold tone reusable filter. I knock the used grounds into any stale coffee and out to the compost it goes. Additionally, I have been using organic sugar which tastes really yum! πŸ™‚
    Eco-Office Gals

  • Eco-office Gals

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  • Laura

    Parents really must do as they ask their children to do. We have very little garbage in our home. Our children know scraps feed the worms that help to feed our plants. They know what can be recycled and just where to put it. They love to walk to our destination any time we are able. Not only does being “green” help our earth, but it also keeps our family closer.

  • Ranae

    our kids live green without really knowing it — they just copy what we do! (you know the saying “Children learn what they live”??) Anyways, recycling, reusing, reducing…it’s our way of life and they have adapted to it so easily. I believe it starts with the parents and your kids will learn πŸ™‚ Our #1 green practice? probably cloth diapering, but we do so much more to live the green eco-lifestyle. πŸ™‚

  • Ranae

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  • Mommas in the House

    Our family tries to be as green as possible. My daughters lunch kit, is green, as well as how we grocery shop, we use our own reusable bags. We were watching a movie and there was a scene in the movie that showed landfills, and it just looked disgusting. My little toddler said, “yuckie!” Followed by, “What is that?” From that point, it’s been easier in teaching her why we are going green. We tell her that we recycle and try to buy resusable things because we don’t want things to end up in that “yuckie place.”


  • Mommas in the House

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  • Sarahleighportugal

    My kids for sure listen to Elmo! We are currently on Elmo’s potty time in the hopes of no more diapers! I can’t wait to see this one and start hearing what Elmo does from my 3 year old!

    PS- following you on twitter and fb!

  • Allison Burke-Laderman

    My kids are vegetarian and eat organic foods…as do I. I hope that my example & the vegetarian food that I prepare for them inspires them to live a greener, healthier life.

  • LUCKY1214

    too late..but Earth day is a great opportunity to teach our kids the value of the earth. To respect the earth and all of earth’s inhabitants. To do so, you can take a nature walk, adopt an animal, collect leafs and flowers outside. You can even take them to park and pick up all the woods or liter to help clean up =)


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